The upcoming MMR reset can help you shoot up the ranks in Dota 2

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The annual MMR reset is the perfect time to shoot up the ranks in Dota 2.

While playing the game and achieving long-term skill development is fun, all Dota 2 players know that sweet MMR number is the real name of the game. Grinders will get a new opportunity to jump up multiple ranks thanks to an upcoming MMR reset opportunity. The recalibration feature will become available again on March 13, 2022. With a potential +500 MMR gain on the line, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

MMR resets are a controversial feature in Dota 2. It gives players a chance to rapidly increase or decrease their rank by activating a recalibration process on their ranked account. The system triggers a series of 10 ranked games where MMR gains and losses are effectively doubled. With 10 wins, Dota 2 players can expect to gain around 500 MMR. The potential benefits come with an equal amount of danger. Players can lose 500 MMR if they run into a losing streak during the recalibration process.

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The exact time of the MMR reset varies by location, but Dota 2 players should expect the feature to go live sometime on March 13. Dota 2 players get to choose when to reset their MMR, and it’s a good idea to wait a week or two before beginning. Many players will start the process immediately, leading to a more hectic and high-stakes matchmaking environment at all ranks.

But patience isn’t the only tip for truly dedicated players to gain MMR during the reset.

Tips and tricks for MMR reset in Dota 2

There are a few techniques that can help raise MMR during the upcoming Dota 2 rank reset.

Patch 7.31 is still young, so the best plan for most skill brackets is to find a small pool of heroes that can take over a game. Check out matchmaking data and use recent win rates to determine a core hero set. For example, a mid player could choose to stick with Huskar, Necrophos, and Void Spirit for all 10 games and pick between the three depending on the enemy draft. Jumping right into ranked after a long day can also lead to some mistakes. Playing a quick unranked game or even a turbo match can help warm up mechanics before jumping into ranked play.

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The threat of losing 500 MMR is enough to tilt many players, so keeping mentally strong is important when resetting MMR. Instead of grinding all 10 games in a single marathon session, try to space out the games into two or three games per day.

Another way to stay positive is to play with a full party. Coordination is important, though remember that players who choose this strategy will also play against five-stacks.