The top nostalgic games you can find online

By William Davis


Feb 5, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The gaming industry is proving to be a successful one. 

The esports market is a perfect example of this, as it was thought to be worth just over $1 billion by the end of 2021. This positive picture is also reflected in other gaming niches and reveals that the whole industry is on a real upward curve. 

For many, it is the sheer choice of how you can game which is behind its recent gains. Online gaming certainly seems to appeal, and more of us like to play games online now than ever before.

If you like to game online, then finding the right titles to play is key. This helps you get the most from your sessions and have the best time. Although there are currently lots of different games to choose from, one genre which is increasingly popular is retro or nostalgic gaming. This involves playing online games from the past which take you back to when you were younger. It can also involve online games you might not have played before, but which are classics from the industry’s past.

But which are the very best nostalgic games you can find online?

Old-school slots

When it comes to online games, there is no doubt how popular slot machines are with most players. Easy to grasp, fast-paced and great fun, they also come in many different themes. If you like nostalgic games, then checking out some old-school slots is a fabulous idea. As there are now plenty of secure iGaming platforms to play online, you should have no trouble tracking down slots which have a nostalgic feel to them.

777 is a great example and has all the features of a traditional slot, such as bars and 7 symbols. With no fancy bonus features and a retro-style design, it should give any online gamer that hit of nostalgia we all love.

Tomb Raider

We all know that modern games are lots of fun to play and follow. Take Valorant for example; this game has a huge army of loyal fans and a Valorant Champions Tour in 2022 to hook people in. Nostalgic games, on the other hand, just have that special something nobody can define, and Tomb Raider is a perfect example.

This game first came out in 1996 for PC, PS1 and Sega Saturn and has amassed many fans over time. Featuring the iconic character of Lara Croft, the game involves puzzle solving, making death-defying leaps, and battling evil bad guys. This is also a classic game which you can find online and revisit your youth with!

Space Invaders

Space Invaders was first launched in 1978 and was actually a popular arcade machine before making its way into people’s living rooms. 

The gameplay involves shooting the marauding space invaders before they can destroy you. Players move through various levels and try to get the highest scores, which proves an exciting prospect. You can now find this game online and it is certainly one of the best titles to enjoy when you want retro-themed fun.

Pac Man

If reconnecting with the past by playing Space Invaders is not enough, why not try online Pac Man? As with Space Invaders, Pac Man is a very simple game that proves strangely addictive. It also found fame as an arcade game first before being ported over to various home computers and consoles in the 1980s. 

Players take on the role of Pac Man, making  their way around the on-screen maze while avoiding the bad guys and eating up all the tokens. Bright and fun, it holds up well to this day and is ideal if you are wanting a little old-school gaming flavor online.


There are probably not many people who didn’t play Tetris at some point growing up – either when first launched in the 1980s or at some point in the intervening years. This makes it a top nostalgic gaming title and one that takes us right back to childhood. 

Luckily, it is also a game which is easy to find online and free to play at many sites. Who can resist trying to match up the falling shapes again, while the funky Russian-themed music blares?

Nostalgic online games are a fantastic change

The appetite for playing nostalgic games has really grown over the last few years. This is an aspect which is evident throughout gaming in general and it is easy to see retro titles becoming even more popular as time passes. 

If you like to play online and fancy grabbing some of this old-school vibe for yourself, the above are great places to begin.


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