The top CSGO flip knife skins right now

By William Davis


May 16, 2021

Reading time: 5 min

Flip knives are among the most popular weapons in CSGO, and there’s no avid player without it. Read on to find out more about the best flip knife skins right now.

The Counter-Strike games have quickly become one of the best game series around, gathering millions of players since 1999. The games’ highly addictive and quite intriguing gameplay between Counter-terrorists and Terrorists made this game series one of the most highly sought-after on the gaming market. 

Even today, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s popularity still holds up perfectly. Aside from its top-class gameplay, it’s the in-game items that hold all the action now. Sure, other online games also have countless cosmetic items players can count on, but CSGO is one of the very first FPS games that allow in-game item trade for real money. 

Nowadays, CSGO skins trade is an ever-increasing market. With that in mind, let’s see the best flip knife skins at the moment.

What are Flip Knife skins?

Flip knives are probably among the most meaningful parts of a whole game menu of rare knife decal range. You can look for these skins yourself through drops and loot.

In truth, these knives make your gameplay much more exciting and interesting. That aside, they also allow you to earn some real money by trading or gambling your flip knife skins at the best CSGO gambling sites. Some flip knife skins are extremely cheap, while you can trade others at an incredibly high price. 

In short, these CSGO skins give your flip knife a character and allow you to personalize your gameplay to express your gaming individuality and personality.

What makes them fun 

The fact that you can obtain a skin that allows you to give your favorite weapon a character on your own accord speaks volumes for itself. CSGO skins tell a lot about a player, their personality, gameplay style, gaming preferences, and so much more. 

On the other hand, players can show their status and experience through their skins. Since certain skins can reach incredibly high prices, it all comes down to prestige and experience in the end.

How to get them

One of the best ways to obtain new CSGO skins, including flip knife skins, is to regularly visit the CSGO release note blog and get updates each time a new operation or a new skin collection has been introduced to the game. 

If you want to get the best flip knife skins the moment they come out, the official Steam market is your best option. You can also check third-party CSGO trading sites such as the SkinCashier. It’s also possible to get new skins for free by playing the game.

Marble Fade

The Marble Fade knife skin is one of the coolest flip knife skins around at the moment. While it resembles a dawn sky, this is quite a popular in-game item that is simply a must for every avid CSGO enthusiast.

Designed with a perfect color gradient balance between red, yellow, and navy blue, this skin gives your flip knife that base metallic, silver, and black look that speaks a lot about your skill and experience. 


Lore has become one of the most popular flip knife skins in a very short period, mostly because players wanted something similar to a super rare Dragon Lore skin. Since Dragon Lore is almost impossible to get, Lore has become the next logical choice for most players. Since it’s now one of the top in-game items, Lore is now available from $180 onwards.

Gamma Doppler

From the moment it was introduced to the game in 2016. Gamma Doppler skin instantly became a classic. The skin uses a marbleized medium and is decorated with silver and black metallic paints. 

There are multiple categories of Gamma Doppler skins: Emerald and Phase 1 to 4. It’s a rare skin, ranging from $310 for other versions to $1700 for a Factory New StatTrak version.

Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel may not be as popular as previously mentioned flip knife skins but it is a skin with a bit of reputation in the CSGO gaming community. While its price is low, just $95, players trade it quite regularly across all official markets and third-party skins trading websites. It’s considered to be one of those must-have in-game items for every player, regardless of their experience and skill.

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet was among the most popular flip knife skins in the game a while back. However, it lost its place among players due to newer and better skins hitting the marketplace. Since it isn’t as popular as it was, it’s possible to buy it for $80 for a Field-Tested version. 

Don’t let the fact that it isn’t as popular as it used to be fool you, though: Ultra Violet is still one of the most important flip knife skins in the game.


If you’re growing tired of vibrant, glossy, and classical design, here is something to refresh your gaming routine. Autotronic is an excellent flip knife skin with a fantastic finish. It’s quite popular and affordable. You can get the most common version for $150. However, if you want something a bit rarer, you’ll be required to pay up to $400. 


Available in 11 cases, Vanilla is quite a popular flip knife skin that remains in demand even today. It made its first appearance in the game in 2015. It’s a perfect skin for avid players who prefer skin with no particular pattern. Vanilla gives your character the status of a professional killer, while it doesn’t affect the knife’s appearance.

Tiger Tooth 

Available in all three Chroma cases, Tiger Tooth is an exceptional and quite recognizable flip knife skin. It has been hand-etched in a tiger stripe pattern and anodized orange. While this is quite a popular knife skin, it’s mostly used by newbies and skin traders. If you want a Factory New version, expect to pay around $160.


If you want to give your flip knife a real twist, Freehand skin is the right option for you. It gives your knife a combination of purple and black paint, with a metallic marker. The price for this skin ranges from $145 to $220. You can find it in all Gamma cases.


If you want to become a professional CSGO player and earn some money on the side while having fun, you should get into CSGO skins trade and consider your options. 

Using the best in-game items isn’t about the gameplay anymore; it’s now more about building your status as a legend in the gaming community. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is to get the best and most popular CSGO skins.