The three best tips to build a luxurious Minecraft mansion

By Kenneth Williams


Feb 21, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Learning how to build a beautiful mansion in Minecraft is more about the little details than the bigger picture. 

The first thing to do in any new Minecraft world is build a house. It’s easy to cobble together a plain rectangle before the first night, but moving past that early foundation can take time. The ultimate goal is building a mansion big enough to hold every treasure there is to find in the Minecraft world. If you plan to build a luxurious mansion in Minecraft, these three best tips will help make it both stylish and practical. 

Mansions deserve exotic Minecraft materials

It’s easy to fall into using the same old wood and cobblestone for every house in Minecraft, but a mansion deserves more. There are tons of great materials to use for building a dream home. When digging, look for copper, diorite, andesite. Polished and weathered versions can add even more variation. Take a look at this beautiful woodland mansion from BigTonyMC to see how a little variation goes a long way.

Blog post image

Even the basic materials usually have rarer variants. Colored and chiseled sandstone from the desert is great for support pillars. Using acacia or dark oak planks instead of the normal spruce and birch adds color and depth at the same time. It’s also possible to stain glass blocks to make windows really pop.

Angle staircases to create depth in your Minecraft mansion

Staircases are an obvious choice for any Minecraft structure, but using them in creative ways can add extra details and give depth to an otherwise plain wall in your new mansion. By manipulating their angle, stairs can add some excitement to the tops of windows and roofs.

This beautiful French mansion from Detonate uses stairs on the roof and tower walls to create texture from afar. By mixing polished and unpolished granite stairs, they give the building an amazing time-weathered look. Try mixing and matching materials to create depth and texture when building your best Minecraft mansion.

Plants and bushes complete any Minecraft mansion build

A mansion itself may look pretty, but it can still look out-of-place in the Minecraft world without some accompanying scenery. Livening up the surrounding area is a great way to spruce up the place. The header image created by Col Fetters shows how some plants can add an extra later to an already-gorgeous facade. By using shears on tree branches, players can create custom topiaries and shrubs. Any kind can work, but flowering azalea leaves are the prettiest option.

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In addition to shrubbery, any Minecraft mansion can benefit from a flowerbed or two. Collecting flowers from across the Minecraft world can add class and elegance to an otherwise plain front yard next to your mansion. There are tons of choices to pick from, so check out our guide to Minecraft flowers to learn more about the various types.