The three best plays ever from fnatic’s Brollan

By Nick Johnson


Jul 14, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

fnatic’s Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin is one of the youngest professional CSGO players in the world, but that doesn’t mean that he has a bunch of learning to do. After joining fnatic in October 2018, Brollan impressed with more than just his raw ability. He has started to build a reputation for being calm and collected in clutch situations.

Over the past year, Brollan has put together an impressive highlight reel of plays that showcase his talent. Here are fnatic Brollan’s three best plays from his time on Sweeden’s top team.

Brollan gets an ace against mousesports at EPL Odense

Down 13-8 against mousesports at ESL Pro League’s Season 10 finals in Odense, fnatic needed to tighten up their defensive effort if they were going to have any chance against a surging mouz team. Brollan provided just that in the 22nd round, single-handily shutting down mouseports’ A ramp rush with some serious flair. Even mouz’s Robin “ropz” Kool’s attempt to bring the round back in his favor couldn’t keep Brollan from putting together this highlight.

fnatic would go on to lose both Mirage and its overall matchup against mousesports, but Brollan’s ace was one of the best plays of the entire tournament.

Brollan’s one versus four clutch against G2 Esports at IEM Katowice

Just before fnatic picked up steam heading into ESL Pro League Season 11, the team attended a big LAN event early in 2020. IEM Katowice was played in front of an empty stadium, but that didn’t stop Brollan from shutting the door on G2 Esports on Dust 2 with an impressive clutch to win the map and even the series 1-1. fnatic gave up two early kills to a force buy from G2, but Brollan managed four kills in return and inspired the map win by taking the B bombsite with an impressive one-tap.

Did we mention he only had 19 HP?

Brollan almost pulls off one versus five clutch against BIG

Brollan’s heroics don’t always work out, but even in failure he can still impress. After the CSGO season went online starting with ESL Pro League Season 11, fnatic found its footing in the ESL Pro League. Against BIG on Inferno, Brollan almost pulled off one of the most impressive ace clutches CSGO had ever seen, only to be denied by BIG’s Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz at the last second.

Heading into the start of his third year at fnatic, fans can expect Brollan to only get better. Playing under veterans Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson and Robin “flusha” Rönnquist is the dream scenario for any young and talented player. With Brollan maturing into a more consistent force on fnatic, his growth may be enough to pull the team out of its current slump. With the player break just starting, fans can look forward to what Brollan and fnatic can bring to the table in Valve’s fall Regional Ranking tournament.