The spookiest CSGO skins submitted for Dreams and Nightmares

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The Dream & Nightmares CSGO skin contest received hundreds of submissions, but these six stand above the rest.

The Dreams & Nightmares skin design contest is giving 10 artists $10,000 for an upcoming Halloween-themed case. Artists interpreted the title theme in a number of ways, some humorous and others horrifying. After nearly two months, these submissions are the Dreams & Nightmares skins we want to see in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

MP9 | Thunderstorm

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The coolest contribution for the covert MP9 skin is the Thunderstorm. Adorn your eco-round special with a flying thunder god complete with a set of Lovecraftian eyes. The funky color palette brings it all together, though the background is a little plain for a red rarity skin. If you think Rain and Moxxi Bronson deserve one of the ten $100,000 prizes, vote for the MP9 | Thunderstorm on the Steam Workshop.

AK-47 | Twilight Moon

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moonfigter and tarka teamed up to create an Edgar Allan Poe-inspired skin for Dreams & Nightmares. The moon and raven look amazing at both Factory New and Battle-Scarred. The skin was submitted in a few different styles, but the black furniture and contrasting purple background make Twilight Moon pop at a distance. Head to the Steam Workshop and vote if you want to wield one for yourself in-game.

Dual Berettas | Succubus

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Skin artist dreamcloak put a ton of time into the details, creating a gorgeous asymmetrical design for the duallies. While both guns are the same model, each side of the classified skin has a different pattern meant to invoke a dream slowly transforming into a nightmare. The gold accents pair well with any Lore pattern knife skin. Add these to your collection by voting in the Dreams & Nightmares Steam Workshop.

M4A1-S | Fear

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Out of every Dreams & Nightmares submission, the Fear is the scariest. This skin echews subtlety in favor of painting a ghoulish skeleton creature directly onto the upper. The low violence version is just as scary as the main design, transforming the human jaw into a freaky sewn-up set of fangs. Vote for oKeyush’s deranged design to be added to CSGO here.

MAC-10 | Stuck in Silver

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The term “nightmare” can be interpreted in several ways. For Workshop artist Andi, he kept it close to home. The Stuck in Silver is a hilarious patterned skin made up of low-level ranked medals. The randomized palette has a few hidden secrets too. If you get lucky, it’s possible to get a Global Elite or Legendary Eagle icon visible. Help this clever artist win a cash prize by voting on the Workshop.

USP-S | Ticket to Hell

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This design is a far cry from the previous submissions, but the mysterious iconography provides a palpable feeling of claustrophobia and fear. Black and white images and text cover every inch of supremat’s design. The set of half-human, half-demonic teeth draw the eye to subtle details placed on the back of the slide. Give the Ticket to Hell a ticket into CSGO by voting on the Steam Workshop.