The River may be changing all of your skill shots in LoL

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Broken hitboxes have been a problem in League of Legends for years and now a new issue has presented itself. 

In a recent video by YouTuber Vandiril, it’s showcased just how broken hitboxes can be when shooting skill shots from the River. In the video, it’s shown how skill shots such as Jhin’s Deadly Flourish (W) and Nidalee’s Javelin Toss (Q) hits targets in very mysterious ways when being shot from the River. 

It seems that the game’s code has some issues when standing in the River, as these skill shots only hit the target when placed a little bit on the side. When shooting directly at the target, it’s shown how the skill shot doesn’t hit despite being on point from the player’s point of view. 

What is causing bugged hitboxes in League of Legends?

The exact explanation behind the bugged hitboxes is still unknown, but it seems that something is off in the River specifically. This bug doesn’t seem to occur when standing anywhere else on the map, meaning that the bug isn’t about the specific abilities. But instead, it seems that the bug is caused because of the elevation difference between the River and the areas around it.

In the video, Vandiril is shooting skill shots at a Target Dummy from right outside of the Dragon pit. The target is placed at the other side of the wall, where the bug clearly occurs with both Nidalee and Jhin. 

With Jhin, it’s also shown how the Deadly Flourish hitbox is completely off when the target is standing at the bot lane outer turret. Once again, the Jhin is firing his shots from the River right outside of the Dragon pit. The exact same was tested at the other side of the map, where the same bug happens when shooting skill shots outside of the Baron pit. 

With the preseason still going on, it’s expected that this bug will be looked at by Riot Games in the near future after it has been discovered. If the bug is in the game for too long, it could potentially turn out game-breaking. 

The next patch for League of Legends will be released on Tuesday, January 4. 


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