The rise of esports in Sweden and beyond

By William Davis


Oct 10, 2023

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Esports has grown exponentially in global popularity in recent years. Once a specialized pastime, competitive video gaming has shifted to become a multi-billion dollar industry, rapidly drawing millions of enthusiasts and investors. 

Currently, esports has emerged in Sweden as a contender in the realm of sports, but it wasn’t without challenges and obstacles.

The Esports Paradigm Shift in Sweden

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Esports has undergone a significant metamorphosis, evolving from modest local competitions to expansive global spectacles. This growth has been propelled by a fervent community, streaming platforms such as Twitch, and substantial investments from major corporations. Games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have become household names.

As viewership has expanded, so has the interest in esports betting. Dedicated esports betting platforms have emerged, providing odds and markets for various events. Discerning enthusiasts typically compare the options on and other reputable platforms, providing a comprehensive overview. This fusion of gaming and gambling has opened up a new realm of possibilities for discerning enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Esports opportunities in Sweden

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Let’s look at some of the most interesting job opportunities virtual sports have to offer:

Esports coach

Esports coaches play a vital role in elevating team performance. They assess gameplay, strategize, and enhance players’ skills, providing valuable insights and fostering teamwork during practice sessions. 

Exceptional gaming skills aren’t mandatory, but a deep understanding of game mechanics and strategies is crucial. Coaches can collaborate with amateur or pro teams, either in-person or remotely, utilizing video conferencing and communication tools.

Video content creator

Within the industry, video content creators take center stage by producing an array of videos, encompassing game critiques, instructional guides, live broadcasts, and captivating gaming highlights. 

These creators harness platforms like YouTube and Twitch to establish connections with their viewers and transform their content into revenue streams through advertisements, viewer contributions, and sponsorships. 

Flourishing in this role pivots on one’s capacity for ingenuity, adeptness in video editing, and the aptitude to captivate and amuse their audience.

Esports athlete

For many gaming enthusiasts, the dream is to become a part of a professional team. Competing at the highest levels involves extreme skills across various video game titles. Professional players engage in esports tournaments, earning income through cash prizes, sponsorships, and streaming on platforms like Twitch. 

While it may seem like a dream profession, it demands unwavering dedication, rigorous practice, and the ability to handle the pressures of high-stakes competition. Success often relies on sustaining peak performance and cultivating a devoted fan base.

Game developer

Game developers serve as the architects of video games, a pivotal component of the esports ecosystem. They conceive and code games, breathing life into virtual worlds. This role necessitates a profound grasp of programming languages, game mechanics, and creative innovation. 

Game developers collaborate within teams to introduce new games to the market, with their innovations holding significant sway over the esports industry.

Merchandise designer

Merchandise designers bear the responsibility of crafting visually appealing and marketable products that carry the branding of teams and organizations. Their creations encompass items like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and accessories, enabling fans to exhibit their support proudly. 

Key skills for merchandise designers encompass creativity, a deep comprehension of design principles, and adaptability to varying styles and trends. Their contributions enrich the identity and revenue streams of esports entities.

Gaming streamer

Streamers live-stream their gaming experiences on platforms like Twitch. They engage their audience by sharing strategies and reactions in real time. Establishing a loyal following entails consistent effort, but successful streamers monetize content via ads, subscriptions, and viewer donations. 

Streaming hinges on possessing a captivating personality, gaming expertise, and a robust online presence.

Esports data analyst

Data analysts in the industry delve into statistics and game data, aiding teams and players in refining their strategies and performance. They harness analytical tools and software to identify trends, strengths, and weaknesses, offering invaluable insights for teams to make informed decisions. 

Proficiency in-game mechanics and the ability to decipher intricate data are imperative in this role. Data analysts empower teams to gain a competitive edge through gameplay optimization.

Esports journalist

Esports journalists assume the role of storytelling within the gaming realm. They craft articles news pieces, and feature stories concerning esports events, players, and the industry as a whole. This role mandates strong writing aptitude, research acumen, and a fervor for gaming. 

Journalists attend events, conduct interviews, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the esports domain, playing an indispensable role in keeping fans informed and engaged through diverse media outlets, both digital and traditional.

In the realm of esports, a myriad of prospects awaits individuals with varied skill sets and interests. Whether your forte lies in mastering virtual worlds, crafting engaging content, overseeing organizational affairs, or showcasing unique aptitudes, the esports industry beckons.


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