The riot shield is back in CSGO, here’s how to buy and use it

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 24, 2021

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Fans of hostage game mode have a new tool at their disposal with the riot shield making its way out of Danger Zone.

As part of Operation Riptide, the riot shield is now available for purchase in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is only available in casual hostage mode and is still not available in competitive matches even though the weapon still appears normally in the heavy weapon buy menu in other modes. The change came with several unlisted buffs that improve the durability of the riot shield relative to what fans have seen from it before.

CSGO’s riot shield has been available for some time now in Danger Zone, where it functions as a defensive tool to keep players on the move. Its main purpose is to absorb enemy fire while equipped, but it can also absorb bullets when stowed away on the back. The shield can also be used as a melee weapon, which usually kills in three hits. All of these traits also apply to the new casual shield.

Casual riot shield buffed outside Danger Zone

In Danger Zone, the riot shield costs $500 and can only withstand a few bullets before breaking apart. The new casual hostage shield costs $1100 but has had its durability boosted to compensate. The casual CSGO shield also gained a grill in front of the peephole. The original Danger Zone shield has a blank hole that enemies can shoot through.

The armor absorption of the shield also appears to have been improved. The shield now takes about 40% less damage from pistols and 15% less damage from rifles, depending on the distance. Armor-piercing weapons like the AWP appear unchanged. That damage count includes blocked shots while the shield is unequipped.

Fans of Counter-Strikes past don’t have to worry about the OP riot shields of the past, though. Players don’t need to worry about players firing a pistol while blocking bullets.

How to buy the riot shield in CSGO 

The riot shield can be bought from the heavy weapons buy menu, alongside shotguns and heavy machine guns, but only in casual hostage mode.

Casual hostage is a 10-on-10 game mode where the objective is to rescue captives held in the T spawn. The riot shield is only available to the CTs in this game mode for $1,100 and it takes the primary weapon slot. The casual hostage map pool includes Militia, Office, Italy, and Assault. It can also be played on two Operation Riptide maps, Insertion II and Agency. The casual mode unfortunately doesn’t contribute to this week’s Riptide missions, but getting to try out the CSGO riot shield is plenty of incentive to play.


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