The owner of CSGO’s legendary bugged Karambit has been revealed

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Starless Karambit has been a mystery for years, but now Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin fanatics finally know who owns the legendary knife.

Thanks to a prolific trader briefly turning their profile to public after years of being private, CSGO fans now know who owns the famous Starless Karambit. It is currently in the inventory of a prolific trader using the handle HFB. Here’s how fans learned about its owner and what makes the knife so special.

HFB is a known high-rolling trader in CSGO but unlike most investors, they usually keep their inventory private. Skin fanatics have been able to trace some skins in his account, but his full stash of knives and gun skins has been a secret until last weekend. HFB temporarily changed his Steam profile to public, giving players a glimpse at his insane collection.

Among the skins which are valued at around $2 million in total, a certain vanilla Karambit was the clear standout. The Starless Karambit is a glitched CSGO knife with no float value, wear modifier, or star in its name. The skin has been registered on third-party skin sites for years, but its exact owner has never been certain. With the reveal of HFB’s inventory, we know now that they are the owner. It’s not clear how much HFB paid for the knife, but the Starless Karambit easily ranks among the most coveted skins in the entire game.

What is the Starless Karambit in CSGO?

The Starless Karambit is a unique CSGO knife riddled with glitches. It was most likely a result of Valve restoring a skin to a scammed player in the early days of CSGO trading. It’s sale price is not known, but it could easily become the most expensive knife in all of CSGO if it were put on sale.

The knife’s nickname comes from its unique in-game title. Usually, CSGO knives have a star in their name to indicate their gold rarity. The Starless Karambit has no such symbol, which is a completely unique trait.

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However, the lack of the star isn’t the only glitch affecting the skin. In CSGO, skins have wear values that affect the skin’s appearance and serves as the baseline for a skin being factory new, battle scarred, and everything in between.

The Starless Karambit doesn’t have a float value and is the only known example of this phenomenon. The knife is so clean that it doesn’t even have “factory new” quality.

It’s not clear exactly how this skin came to be, but a popular theory is that a CSGO player was scammed out of his knife in the early days of the game. Steam Support restored the weapon in his inventory but apparently did so incorrectly. A similar phenomenon is seen with the Vintage Bill’s Hat item in Team Fortress 2.

The knife was never fixed and has since become a legend in the skin-collecting community. With the reveal of HFB as its owner, another great CSGO skin mystery has been solved.