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The origin of the popular Fnatic Manager here meme

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 28, 2022

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The iconic “Fnatic manager here” meme is has frequently gone viral in the tactical shooter community. But what exactly does it mean? 

FPS games like Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive require a developer’s constant attention to run smoothly. The professional esports scene and its high stakes is one of the key reasons the two games must stay bug-free. For that, players record and publish game-breaking bugs hoping the devs will stumble upon them. Notably, the comment sections of viral bugs are spammed with “Fnatic manager here” memes that many Valorant players find confusing.

What’s the origin of this popular catchphrase, and what exactly does the Fnatic manager here meme mean? 

What does Fnatic manager here meme mean? 

The “Fnatic Manager Here, Please Delete This” is a catchphrase in the CSGO community used to mock game-breaking exploits and strategies. It has also become mainstream in Valorant, but fewer Valorant players know the backstory. 

The meme originated after the infamous Olofboost incident during a match between Fnatic and Team LDLC at Dreamhack Winter 2014. That boost was retroactively determined illegal, eventually leading to a loss for Fnatic. Valve has since commemorated the famous event with a custom plaque near the site warning players not to climb the railings. Since then, it has become an essential highlight in CSGO history. 

Fnatic Manager here

According to Redditor Davit “Blotecsgo” Ekdhal, he had posted the original boost bug two weeks before the match was played. However, he had to make the video private upon the request of a player from Team Fnatic. He couldn’t provide solid proof to back his claim but came forward with a thread after the bug was exploited on November 28 during the quarterfinal. The only proof is the publish date of the video on YouTube.

“Me and my other friends wanted it up. But my friend was so adamant about removing it and scared that flusha would hate him or something. So I just cba about the drama and then unlisted the video until they used it,” Blotecsgo said.

The whole incident may seem strange, but the event’s aftermath led to the birth of the iconic meme that’s still relevant seven years later.

Players established that the manager from Fnatic had likely asked to take the video down so CSGO devs won’t patch it ahead of the match in which Fnatic planned to make use of it. To this day, it’s still unknown who originally came up with the pixel boost. Whether Fnatic got an idea from Reddit or found it in-game on its own remains a mystery.  

Regardless, that’s how the catchphrase came into being. The whole fiasco was pretty serious at first, but later, players whipped a meme out of it. Days after the event, notable YouTubers started using the catchphrase while discussing common bugs. After that, the Fnatic Manager here meme become an iconic reference in both CSGO and Valorant. 


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