The One Ring card

The One Ring has been found by one lucky Magic the Gathering player

By Olivia Richman


Jun 30, 2023

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The One Ring card has been found.

The Magic The Gathering‘s Lord of the Rings expansion has been extremely hyped due to a rare and elusive card called The One Ring. There is only one in the entire expansion, so Magic fans and collectors alike started opening packs and boxes at record speed to be the one to find it.

Making the card even more desirable are the bounties. The highest one is currently $2 million, which is what Dave and Adam’s Card World will pay if someone finds the card and sells it to them.

The One Ring card has been pulled

Whoever pulled The One Ring from their pack has the ability to become $2 million richer, but the transaction has not been publicly confirmed. The owner of the card is also unknown.

The card was pulled and immediately graded, receiving a Mint 9 grade from the PSA. The highest is a 10, which means The One Ring is near perfect. It’s quite difficult to get this high of a grade, so the card will definitely increase in value.

The One Ring will be the most valuable Magic: The Gathering card ever sold if the bounty is fulfilled. Previously, the highest price for a Magic card was held by a Beta set Black Lotus when it sold for $540,000.

Meanwhile, the price of Lord of the Ring packs and boxes will likely go down now since The One Ring was pulled.


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