The most popular online entertainments in Canada

By William Davis


May 3, 2022

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Per capita, Canadians are among the biggest users of the internet in the western world.

Whether it’s for answering emails, gaming, banking, or anything else, Canadians of all ages are connected to the internet. This makes Canada fertile ground for any tech companies looking for new markets.

There is also a sizable gambling population in Canada. Bars and restaurants in many provinces have slot machines and games like Keno and poker. Players also visit Beaverslots and other online casinos to have some fun with the chance of making a return.

That’s far from the only form of digital entertainment enjoyed by Canadians, though. Here are some of the online entertainment options enjoyed in Canada.

Online entertainment enjoyed by Canadians

  • Online casinos and gambling

Canadians never pass on a chance to have fun and gambling offers that with the chance of a financial return.There’s been a surge of popularity for online casinos and general gambling platforms, and many are available for use in Canada. This is despite a relatively murky legal situation when it comes to online gambling in the country. 

Things are thawing in that regard, making Canada a ripe market for online casinos and online gambling platforms. These platforms have a load of different casino games to offer including slots,, blackjack, poker, and roulette. Live sports betting is also available in certain provinces.

  • Esports

Online gaming has reached great heights in Canada. Esports delivers a dynamic approach to gaming and Canadians have reached the top of the esports space. Whether it’s organizations or competitors like Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, there are Canadians in many prominent positions in the industry. This makes Canada one of the booming hubs for esports.

  • YouTube music and video streaming

Canadians are one of the top users of YouTube. Not only do Canadians frequently check out YouTube for entertainment, there are also dozens of massive content creators from the country including Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, Simply Nailogical, and many more.

  • Netflix

There are staggering figures when it comes to the number of Canadian Netflix users. These impressive numbers were a huge boon for Netflix, and the company has picked up a number of Canadian programs to distribute to the rest of the world. Alongside the Netflix originals, Canadians can also find programming from other countries that isn’t available otherwise. 

  • Social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok grip the world. There’s a large userbase in Canada for every major social media platform.

  • Online reading

Reading is an important form of entertainment among Canadians and most other countries. Many major library systems offer options for reserving or ordering books over the internet or even checking out digital versions of books.

  • Memes

Memes are a lively form of entertainment. There is a fitting meme for every situation and context. Memes carry brilliant encoded messages, but they are usually relatable to most people. 

Online entertainment is now a mainstay among Canadians but many consumers don’t necessarily have all their needs satisfied yet. There are opportunities available for tech companies to fill those voids.


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