The most popular decks in Legends of Runeterra Masters

By Nicholas James


Nov 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Legends of Runeterra’s Between Worlds Seasonal event began last weekend, and it showcased the latest powerful decks to take the forefront of the meta.

From lightning-quick Rally decks that slip past the enemy’s defenses with Elusive creatures to midrange decks starring Teemo and Swain, there are tons of sweet deck archetypes to break down. Legends of Runeterra highlighted some of the most popular decks in Master right now.

The Masters meta seems to be pretty well-diversified heading into the next Bandle City expansion, with the most popular deck only accounting for 10% of Masters games played in the week heading into the tournament.

The most popular deck is low to the ground aggro that uses cheap Elusive creatures and Rally effects to overwhelm their opponent early before other decks can get their game plans on board. Poppy and Zed lead this deck, with Poppy supercharging cheap Elusive creatures once she’s leveled up. Meanwhile Zed is a versatile, cheap threat that keeps the opponent on a clock.

The next most popular deck is a slightly slower deck built around Gangplank and Sejuani, each of these champions is a powerful tool that can singlehandedly close out a game on its own. The deck balances careful removal with enough board presence to stick the landing in the midgame and bear down on opponents with high-value bodies. The decks closing out the rest include Pyke and Rek’Sai leading a Lurk-oriented archetype, Sion and Draven discard, a scaling control deck starring Veigar and Senna, and more.

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Legends of Runeterra’s metagame seems to be in a pretty healthy spot heading into the next expansion, and fans can look forwards to plenty of new decks joining these ones as Ava’s adventure continues.

The next expansion for Legends of Runeterra will drop on December 8th.


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