The most important callouts to know for Valorant’s maps

By Olivia Richman


Oct 8, 2020

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When Valorant was first introduced by Riot, it was hard for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans not to see the similarities between the two tactical first-person shooters. 

The similarities have become even more apparent now that CSGO players have gotten their hands on the ability-filled new game. One thing that’s remained consistent between both titles is the importance of communication. Players must learn the ins and outs of each map and, just as importantly, learn how to quickly communicate locations, strategies, and pushes to their teammates. 

The callouts in Valorant have formed based on the location they are found at on the map. For examplem “heaven” describes a spot that’s on the high ground in Split. Let’s take a closer look at important map callouts in Valorant so players are more aware of when and how to use them. 


Ascent Valorant callouts

Similar to CSGO’s Dust 2, Ascent has a simple layout with an A and B site on either side of a midsection made up of hallways and rooms. This is a map known for its chokepoints, and its favored by defensive agents. One important callout is mid catwalk, which connects A and B side and allows players to see the action below them. A lobby and B lobby are also popular callouts, as well as A and B main. 


Bind map callouts

Bind has more options for attackers than Ascent, making the gameplay a bit more dynamic and unpredictable. The most popular callout is hookah, a room with hanging water pipes that leads to B site. Showers is a bathroom-like area that leads to A. A short, A long, B short, and B long are also callouts players will hear quite often.

A and B short are pathways closer to the center of the map. They lead teams to their respective sites a bit quicker. A and B long are on the outside of the map and are typically used by agents who are sneaking the long way to one of the sites. 


Haven map callouts

Haven has three sites. A is on the far right, B in the center, and C is on the far left when viewed from the attacker’s perspective. The two most important callouts on Haven are T mid doors and mid courtyard. Both of the locations are in the middle of the map. T mid doors leads up to garage and the C site. Mid courtyard is in front of B door, which leads to B site. Players will also need to make note of mid windows. This is where attacking agents will often rush to. B Box is where defenders may wait in response, readying for a pushing enemy team. 


Split map callouts

Statistics have found that Split is yet another map in Valorant that favors defenders. Attackers will need to rely on near perfect communication to execute their strategies here.

Attackers will usually prioritize A and B main because their most powerful tactic is rushing into these locations. If that’s a success, attackers will often find themselves easily pushing to the A or B site depending on the chosen route, planting their spike with little or no interruption. Defenders will often make for B rafters, also known as heaven. This location is behind A, allowing them to watch the entire location from an effective high ground.


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