The TI11 Battle Pass leak is fake, here’s when it’s coming

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The International 2022 Battle Pass is probably on its way, but leaked images of the TI11 splash screen are just plain trolling.

A leaked image of the TI11 Battle Pass for Dota 2 has begun circulating online. The image claims to show a red battle pass background with a new arcana available for Skywrath Mage. However, on further analysis, it is certainly fake. Here’s how to tell and when the actual TI11 Battle Pass should come out.

The image depicts the Dota 2 main menu with a red-tinted aegis in front of a fiery background. The background shows a new arcana for Skywrath Mage titled Blessing of the Ghastly Eyrie. All other parts of the image depict a censored offline account. The image is also of very low quality, which makes it further difficult to believe.

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There are several clear indicators that this leaked image is a simple fake, which leaves fans guessing when the TI11 Battle Pass actually does come out. Based on statements from Valve, the battle pass for The International 2022will be released closer to the tournament’s start date. Valve will continue to support the pass after TI, which is a shift from previous years. Based on that info, the TI11 Battle Pass could release sometime around late August.

Leaked TI11 battle pass created from other Dota 2 media

Let’s break down the leaked TI11 battle pass image and see just how trustworthy it really is.

The first place to start is the background, which depicts rivers of lava with a stone throne in the middle. Eagle-eyed Dota 2 fans will spot that this image is taken from the Queen of Pain arcana trailer. The fake leaker most likely used image editing software to remove QoP entirely, then place a transparent Aegis of Champions over it.

The alleged Skywrath arcana is the only thing giving this leak a shred of credibility. It does appear to be a unique piece of artwork. It may seem to be a recolor of an existing loading screen or Workshop set, but there are no obvious matches. It’s possible that the creator stitched art together or used something obscure to imitate a Skywrath Mage arcana.

If the person behind the fake leaked TI11 arcana could do something like that, it would explain all of the other parts of the leak. The user interface has been recolored in some spots and there appear to be interactive buttons connected to the battle pass. Any shoddy editing work could be covered up by the poor image quality, which really doesn’t help it appear official. Even if more TI11 Battle Pass images are “leaked” in the near future, Dota 2 fans may still have to wait until August to get their hands on the real deal.