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The full Pokemon Unite tier list from the World Championship

By Steven Rondina


Aug 19, 2022

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The 2022 Pokemon World Championships are rolling, and the fierce Pokemon Unite competition has helped determine the best support, attacker, speedster, and all-rounder in the game today.

When Pokemon Unite first dropped, it had a very rigid tier list where Eldegoss, Lucario, and Snorlax were unstoppable monsters that absolutely needed to chosen. Game balance has improved since then to some degree, but there are still some Pokemon that are definitively better than others. There’s also an enduring, rigid metagame that emphasizes unique traits among Pokemon’s abilities.

Mobility, bulk, and AOE burst damage all come at a premium in the current Pokemon Unite meta. This means that the top of the tier list is made up of Pokemon Unite characters that shine the brightest in those specific areas.

Pokemon Unite tier list as of 2022 Pokemon World Championship

S-TierBlissey, Dragonite, Hoopa
A-TierTsareena, Machamp, Lucario, Snorlax
B-TierAegislash, Greedent, Cramorant
C-TierVenusaur, Wigglytuff, Gardevoir, Buzzwole, Azumarill, Eldegoss, Greninja, Cinderace, Blastoise, Trevenant, Sylveon, Delphox, Mr. Mime
D-TierAbsol, Mamoswine, Duraludon, Slowbro, Trevenant, Decidueye, Garchomp, Tyranitar, Charizard,
F-TierGengar, Zeraora, Talonflame, Pikachu, Glaceon, Ninetales, Crustle

Blissey, Dragonite, and Hoopa all stand as the best Pokemon to play in Pokemon Unite. Blissey is incredibly strong at all stages of the game and serves as a complement to many other high-tier Pokemon, allowing it to stand above fellow healer Eldegoss. Long-range mobility is cherished in the current Pokemon Unite meta, and Hoopa and Dragonite both have that in spades.

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That core was used by all the top teams in the 2022 Pokemon World Championships. The remaining two spots were flexed between a handful of other Pokemon. 

All-rounders offer the best combination of bulk and AOE damage in the game. That led to many teams running compositions made up of two supports and three all-rounders. Tsareena, Machamp, and Lucario were the three most popular, though Aegislash also had some time in the spotlight as well. Teams that didn’t run three all-rounders usually looked to Snorlax, but Greedent and Cramorant both got healthy levels of play as well.

There were a handful of other Pokemon that got some level of play, but weren’t nearly as popular as the top ten. Venusaur, Wigglytuff, Gardevoir, and Greninja made some appearances and performed reasonably well, but didn’t hold up as well as some of the higher-tier alternatives. There are other all-rounders that are also conceptually good but didn’t make the cut above the five Pokemon in the top tiers.

Beyond that is a pileup of Pokemon that either made few weak appearances or just went unused. Attackers and defenders that didn’t check multiple boxes in the realm of high mobility, bulk, and strong AOE burst damage generally weren’t picked.

Speedsters in particular had little presence at the 2022 Pokemon World Championships. While Zeraora was one of the top competitive favorites early on and Gengar was a pub game terror, nerfs to the class have left it highly unpopular.


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