The Boys

The Boys Season 4 release date has fans hopeful

By Olivia Richman


May 12, 2023

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Fans of violent action shows and superheroes have been anxiously awaiting The Boys Season 4 to see more of Homelander’s deranged behavior and find out how such an all-powerful entity can be stopped. Luckily there’s some news regarding The Boys Season 4 release date.

The Boys is one of Amazon’s most popular shows, depicting an alternative society where a select handful of humans have incredible abilities that set them apart from the general population. Based on a comic book series by the same name, The Boys centers around a group of heroes known as the Seven and the superhero vigilantes that are looking to bring down the corrupt Seven organization.

What is The Boys Season 4 release date?

The Boys Season 4 is coming in late 2023.

Unfortunately, this is just a prediction for now. This speculation is based on the timeline of the three previous seasons’ release schedule as well as the fact that filming of Season 4 concluded in April 2023. With the season in post-production, it’s very likely it will be arriving late this year. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy the spin-off, Gen V, this summer.

There is concern that The Boys Season 4 will be delayed due to the ongoing writers’ strike, however. Writers and showrunners may not be working as originally planned as they strike over unfair wages. Writers for some of the biggest shows on all major streaming services are currently waiting for a deal with AMPTP.

What are the episodes in Season 4?

Right now, not much is known when it comes to the specific details of Season 4. But one episode title has been revealed by showrunner Eric Kripke.

When the production of the new season was announced, he shared the name of the first episode of Twitter. It’s called “Department of Dirty Tricks.”

Fans of The Boys have been anxiously awaiting more news, especially a release date, for Season 4 since finding out it was confirmed in June of 2022. Luckily it’s getting closer and closer to a possible release date, so viewers can expect updates in the coming months.


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