The best way to full clear jungle on Yuumi has been discovered

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 12, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Even after 11 years, players are still constantly trying out new things in League of Legends. Some turn out to be more viable than others, but this recent jungle clear path with Yuumi will likely go down as one of those strategies that probably shouldn’t be tried out in a real game. 

In a recent video by Youtuber Phylaris, a record-breaking jungle path was discovered for support champion Yuumi. Even though this path clears the jungle without requiring any leash from teammates, it’s very unlikely that Yuumi will turn out as a viable jungler moving forward. The path is mostly impressive because Yuumi is the squishiest champion in the game and usually works best as a support while attached to a carry. 

How to fully clear the jungle with Yuumi

To pull off this unusual jungle-clear attempt, Yuumi has to start by leveling up Zoomies (E) to better sustain and get a movement speed buff to kite the jungle monsters. The first camp to take on is the red buff, which will take roughly 30 seconds to burn down with smite and the right kiting method.  

After getting the first buff, Yuumi doesn’t want to go on and take raptors as many other junglers would. Instead, Yuumi rotates to the blue buff followed by taking down the gromp. With the first three camps down, Yuumi wants to take Prowling Projectile (Q) at level two and another point in Zoomies at level three. 

Instead of continuing the clear, Yuumi wants to recall around wolves and place a ward. This ward will be used to teleport back into the jungle after buying a Kircheis Shard to keep her attack speed as high as possible. In this case, teleport is picked instead of flash to make the jungle clear as optimal as possible. This is another example of why this strategy would probably never be viable in a ranked or normal game.

Coming back with full health and some stronger items, Yuumi wants to take down wolves and rotate to the raptors. Raptors will be one of the hardest and longest camps to take, but with patience and kiting it will be no problem for the Magical Cat. Yuumi ends the jungle clear by taking the krugs before finishing the clear at 3 minutes and 22 seconds. 

Even though it’s a fun achievement to clear the jungle single-handedly with a champion like Yuumi, this is by no means a pick that should be considered in anything besides custom games.  


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