The best summer solitaire adventure

By William Davis


Jul 16, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

With the start of summer, a person’s craving for travel and entertainment intensifies. While waiting for a trip, a game of online Solitaire can provide a bit of fun for those interested.

Exciting summer adventures for solitaire players

Solitaire is a familiar pastime for anyone that’s owned a computer in the last 30 years. Tropical Adventures adds an extra twist to this. In Tropical Adventures, the player has the opportunity to unlock eight islands in a magical, tropical land. The first island, called “Palm,” is unlocked instantly.

While unlocking the islands, the player receives tropical coins. The first 300 are given to them at the very beginning of the game. Coins can be spent on improving the features of each island. In return, the player receives special bonuses as a reward.

How participating in tournaments improves your game

To get from one island to another, you must complete some tasks. The first of these is to collect 20 puzzle pieces. Players can get pieces by winning tournaments in Tropical Adventures or completing daily tasks. 

The more often the player wins tournaments, the more bonuses they receive. This brings them closer to the cherished goal of unlocking all eight islands and turning them into beautiful places with lots to see and do.

How fruits help you achieve what you want

There are magical chests in the game that contain many useful treasures, but they are locked up for a reason. Whoever enchanted these islands wants the player to never turn the islands into beautiful gardens again.

The Turtle can open these chests and deliver items to the player but naturally, it moves slowly. It can be sped up using fruit, though. Fruit can be earned in the game. Fruits can be obtained by winning tournaments. However, players lose fruit if they fail. Playing a full deck allows you to find fruits under each of the cards.

How to open a large tropical chest

The power of witchcraft is so powerful that in order to open a magical tropical chests, you need to collect eight keys. One key is a reward for solving one puzzle. Solve all eight, and you will receive bountiful treasure inside the coveted chest.

The game can be played on SolitaireSocial. Fans of solitaire might be able to add some extra fun to their summer schedule by giving it a shot.


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