Pokemon Unite

The best Pokemon Unite team composition with the current roster

By Steven Rondina


Aug 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

There are many options on the Pokemon Unite roster, but a definitive best team composition has emerged in the Pokemon World Championship.

Pokemon Unite is a little over one year old at this point and the game’s balance has improved since its introduction. Early on, top-ranked teams essentially ran identical teams of Pokemon. Options are more flexible today judging from the teams at the 2022 Pokemon World Championship, but there’s still a definitive core that teams need to use in order to succeed.

Throughout the largest Pokemon Unite tournament to date, a clear meta developed with a few select picks from the roster making up the best team composition. Here are the best Pokemon to use right now.

Pokemon Unite best team composition

The best team composition in Pokemon Unite revolves around Hoopa, Blissey, and Dragonite.

This trio is the definitive top tier of the Pokemon Unite roster right now. Hoopa and Dragonite offer incredible mobility that let them reliably challenge objectives or help teammates. Meanwhile, Blissey has a strong presence in all phases of the game and synergizes well with the current “death ball” meta of Pokemon Unite.

Those three Pokemon provide both mobility and support, with the top priority after that being either tanking bulk or AOE damage. Some combination of Aegislash, Tsareena, Lucario, Snorlax, Machamp, Cramorant, and Greedent has been used to compliment that group. Many of the best Pokemon Unite teams ran compositions made up of three all-rounders and two supports, which says a lot about the game’s balance right now.

Much of the Pokemon Unite roster struggling to stay relevant

Though there’s some flexibility within the Pokemon Unite pro scene, the game is still revolving around 10 of the 39 playable Pokemon in the game. This is because the constant team fighting and prioritization of mobility and burst damage makes Pokemon with low HP or an emphasis on disables generally unwieldy at the game’s highest competitive levels.

Speedsters such as Talonflame and Zeraora just get blown up too quickly to be viable. Meanwhile, Pokemon that rely on enemies staying in place like Decidueye and Trevenant can’t hold anyone down long enough to do much.

Further patches should change the best Pokemon Unite team compositions in the future. It likely won’t look radically different for some time, though. A meta that revolves around large team fights around objectives has existed since the introduction of Pokemon Unite. Unless things are turned completely upside down in the game, these Pokemon or others with similar abilities will continue to dominate.