The best League of Legends name checkers for name changes

By Nicholas James


Mar 24, 2022

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If you’re looking for a new smurf account or planning a name change in League of Legends, here are the best LoL name checkers.

There can be excellent (as well as awful) League of Legends player names. If you’re considering swapping your moniker, there are a few ways to check whether a name is available and even getting that name if it’s not. From the official to the fanmade, here are the best LoL name checkers to secure the name you want.

Best LoL name checkers for name changing

The best way to check if your desired name is available is through the League of Legends client itself. Riot Games has thought ahead and made fans able to check on the status of the summoner name they’d like to bear into battle on Summoner’s Rift.

If you want to see whether your desired name is available, simply go to the Store tab of the League of Legends client. From there, click the Account button in the top right of the store. This will bring up a page of account-related purchases that can be made, including region transfers and name changes.

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The Summoner Name Change option sits at the very bottom of these and can be purchased for either 1300 Riot Points or 13900 Blue Essence. Clicking this option will bring up a popup tab that includes the option to search for the availability of the desired name.

You don’t need to use a name checker to see if the name you want is available on the server your account is already on, and the availability can be checked without paying any Blue Essence or Riot Points.

How to check a League of Legends name on another server

If you’re considering making a smurf account or trying out your ping in another region, a few services offer the ability to scout names from other servers. is one site that allows players to filter by server. This allows you to can claim the name on a server you don’t have an account on without going through the hassle of setting up a new League of Legends account.


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