The best League of Legends Christmas skins

By Nicholas James


Dec 25, 2022

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The holiday season is here, so get into the season with some of League of Legends’ best holiday cosmetics. Here are the best League of Legends holiday skins.

Every year, come winter time, Riot Games tends to release a variety of snow and holiday season-themed cosmetics for a variety of champions. If you’re looking for gifts for your League of Legends teammates or just want to peruse the options for winter skins for Snowdown Showdown.

Here are some of our favorite League of Legends Christmas skins.

The best League of Legends Christmas skins

There are a variety of Christmas and winter-themed skins in League of Legends, but here are some of the ones that shine above the others.

Snow Day Skins

The Snow Day skins are probably the best skin line when it comes to holiday skins. There are Snow Day skins for Bard, Gnar, Graves, Malzahar, Singed, Syndra, and Ziggs. The Snow Day line shows these champions in a whimsical light, enjoying the cold of a day off in the snow. Snow Day Bard in particular is a great offering, with his healing shrines being replaced by cups of hot cocoa — even including little marshmallows. Overall these skins tend to be whimsical and pretty takes on their original champions.

When it comes to Christmas and winter-themed skins, there are none more iconic and recognizable as Snow Day. If you’re looking for a Christmas skin for a friend that plays one of these champions, you can’t go wrong with Snow Day.

Winter Wonder Skins

The Winter Wonder skin line takes a much more mythological and magical approach to its holiday aesthetic than Snow Day. The Winter Wonderland skins take more inspiration from holiday tales like The Nutcracker than they do from real-life snow day activities, focusing on deep blues, silvers, and whites evocative of holiday stories and folklore. There was even a cute cinematic depicting the Winter Wonder skins on their release.

There are Winter Wonder skins for Karma, Orianna, Lulu, Neeko, Soraka, and associated skins for Mundo, Twitch, and Master Yi. Master Yi’s skin turns him into a snowman, while Mundo’s turns him into a mutated, but still adorable, winter-themed prince and Twitch’s paints him as a villainous ice king.

Santa Skins

There are only three Santa skins in League of Legends, and they’re not all released as a part of the same line, but are unmistakably the same theme. Santa Braum and Gragas are the most fitting of the three to depict holly Saint Nick, giving the burly Freljordians the iconic red and white garb pushed by The Coca-Cola Company in the 1930s.

Santa Draven is similar, but Noxus’ resident colosseum executioner doesn’t fit the bill of Mr. Claus quite as much as Braum. Finally, Evil Santa Veigar is exactly what it says on the tin, including a sled full of mischievous presents as his Homeguard animation.

Sugar Rush Skins

These skins aren’t as directly winter-themed but they were released as a holiday skin line anyhow. If visions of sugarplums dancing in your head is the most winter holiday thing to you, there’s likely no better skin line than Sugar Rush. Sugar Rush has skins for Braum, Evelynn, Ziggs, and Zilean. Braum and Ziggs are the closest to the holiday themes, with Evelynn and Zilean leaning a bit further into the more general sweet tooth association of the cosmetics.

Miscellaneous Christmas Skins

Outside of specific skin lines, there are still tons of Christmas League of Legends skins to choose from. Some of these are the most Christmas-specific in terms of aesthetics.

Festive Maokai is a Legacy content classic, painting the animated tree as a Christmas tree, with his explosive sapling being tiny walking presents that explode into confetti upon contacting opponents.

Snowmerdinger is another classic League of Legends Christmas skin, turning the adorable Yorlde into a snowman, with his turrets becoming candy cane-like cannons.

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Poro Rider Sejuani is probably Sejuani’s best skin, and it’s also one of the best League of Legends Christmas skins out there.

Dark Candy Fiddlesticks almost belongs with other Santa Skins, given that it dresses the Runeterran demon of fear up as Santa Claus. But it’s best to group with Ambitious Elf Jinx, Workshop Nunu, and Snowstorm Sivir as more modern holiday skins that don’t have a named skin line.

The remaining Christmas skins are mostly older models, some of which aren’t available through the store most of the time. These include Sleigh Belle Katarina, Nutcracker Shaco, Re-Gifted Amumu, and Toy Soldier Gangplank. If you play one of the champions, it’s a fun novelty cosmetic, but not better quality than the other offerings.


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