The best Genshin Impact healer tier list for version 2.4

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 25, 2022

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The best Genshin Impact healers can keep your adventure team alive in any situation, and this tier list will cover the best options in version 2.4.

Healing is an overlooked, but important part of any Genshin Impact team. Chowing down on Sweet Madame can only get you so far. Having a healer to keep the main DPS healthy is especially important in the 2.4 meta. This is even more important with the corruption status effect popping up everywhere.

Whether tearing through Hilichurl hordes or squaring up with riftwolves, these are the best healers to round out a Genshin Impact party.

The Genshin Impact characters in this tier list are ranked by how much raw healing they can do and the level of effort required. Characters like Qiqi and Noelle can heal an absurd amount, but they either require heavy resource investment or a lot of time on the field. Ease of use is a major factor in the list.

A character’s other traits are also considered, but this isn’t a general support tier list. It’s all about healing, and these characters do it the best.

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Kokomi and Bennett are the best Genshin Impact healers

Kokomi and Bennett are far and away the best healers in all of Genshin Impact.

The first is honorary archon Bennett. The four-star unit is already one of the best supports in Genshin Impact thanks to Fantastic Voyage. The massive damage buff alone puts him at the top of the support tier list, but his healing shouldn’t be overlooked. The elemental burst quickly heals the active unit up to 70% health. Even without healing bonus artifacts, Fantastic Voyage can quickly heal up the majority of the party while massively boosting damage output. Percentage-based heals are rare, so enjoy that overlooked part of Bennett’s kit.

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Kokomi was a total joke at release, but now that theory-crafters have had time to test things out, she has quickly risen to the status of best dedicated healer. Her elemental skill jellyfish is a great way to heal the active character, and its duration refreshes after using elemental burst. Nereid’s Ascension requires on-field time, but it heals so much that it barely gives up any damage. Add in mass hydro application and the fish is easily among the best healers in Genshin Impact.

Jean, Barbara, and Noelle are great Genshin Impact healers

The second-tier healers in Genshin Impact either can’t heal as well as the top tiers or require a lot of effort.

Barbara is the most dedicated healer in Genshin Impact, so this tier list is her chance to shine. Both her elemental skill and burst provide incredible healing with very few downsides. Let the Show Begin♪ constantly heals while cleansing status effects. Shining Miracle♪ is pound-for-pound the best healing burst in the game. Special shout out to her constellation six, which fully revives a fallen party member.

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Her older sister Jean comes right after her. Jean’s only source of healing is her elemental burst, Dandelion Breeze. It massively heals every member in the party on activation, but the healing doesn’t stop there. Dandelion Field continuously negates status effects while healing the active character. Its long duration and potent healing make it rival Barbara’s burst for best healing ability in the game.

Noelle rounds out the A-tier healers in Genshin Impact. She notably only becomes a real healer with constellation two. It boosts her shield’s healing chance up to 100% during Sweeping Time. Those two abilities combined make her ideal for keeping the party alive.

Noelle’s entire kit, including healing, notably scales off defense. That means there’s no need to pick between healing bonus and energy recharge artifacts. She can’t heal as quickly as Barbara or Jean, but her solid damage output helps Noelle stand with the best healers in Genshin Impact.

Qiqi and Yanfei are solid healers if you put in effort

The choices in the B tier of Genshin Impact healers still recover a lot of damage, but they have a harder time doing it than other options.

Qiqi is a nightmare for anyone rolling 50/50s on limited banners, but she’s actually a potent healer with the right build. Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost constantly applies cryo and heals the whole team whenever Qiqi attacks. The downside is that it only heals when Qiqi is the one attacking. This means dedicating precious on-field time to a healer instead of a DPS. Preserver of Fortune can heal without requiring field time, but it doesn’t deal much damage or cure status effects. 

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Yanfei is a weird choice for a healer, but she’s actually solid with the right build. Support Yanfei with Prototype Amber can heal a party very quickly, and her constellation-four shield prevents them from getting hit in the first place. The biggest knock on Yanfei is that she requires a highly refined crafted weapon and a very specific constellation to even function as a healer. If you do have all the necessary equipment, Yanfei can compete with some of the best Genshin Impact healers.

Incidental healing comes in handy in Genshin Impact

At the bottom of the Genshin Impact healers tier list are characters with a little bit of healing baked into their kit. For those using characters like Hu Tao or Zhongli, there’s only a bit of healing that’s required.

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Diona’s burst applies a slow, but noticeable heal over time that can offset incoming damage. Xingqiu’s elemental skill grants a chunk of healing when it expires, which can help keep others topped up. Sayu’s elemental burst works similarly to Qiqi, but with much less healing. All three characters are solid supports that shine in other circumstances. A little bit of healing is just icing on the cake.


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