The best Crystal Marrow farming locations in Genshin Impact

Kenneth Williams • August 6, 2022 1:52 am

Knowing the best locations to farm Crystal Marrow makes leveling Aloy and Saya a breeze in Genshin Impact.

Crystal Marrow is one of the most difficult Genshin Impact upgrade materials to acquire. They only appear in very specific spots and they can be difficult to spot from a distance. However, players in the know can collect upwards of 25 bones with just three fast travels. Here are the best locations to look for Crystal Marrow in Genshin Impact.

The best Crystal Marrow farming spot in Genshin Impact

The best spot for farming Crystal Marrow is Serpent’s Head in Inazuma.

The giant skeleton sprawls all across Yashiori Island in the middle of the region. The skull has the most concentrated spawns, which players can collect on their way to a certain high-flying daily commission. The whole area contains about 15 Crystal Marrow connected to the skeleton. Be sure to put Gorou in the party to make spotting them easier.

As for what to use that marrow on, there are currently only two characters in the game that require Crystal Marrow. The first is Genshin’s only crossover character, Aloy, who uses it to ascend and level up talents. The second is Sayu, who is one of the most valuable characters for open-world exploration.

Other locations to find Crystal Marrow

Two good spots to find Crystal Marrows after scouring Serpent’s Head are Fort Fujitou and Jakotsu Mine.

Another easy place to find Crystal Marrow is just north of Serpent’s Head in Fort Fujitou. The tail of the mysterious dragon trails through the camp and further into the north with around 10 Crystal Marrows to find.

The second trail to find is south of the island. Start outside Jakotsu Mine and head east along the road. There’s another dozen or so marrows hiding along the path. Once players know all three Crystal Marrow locations, they can expect to grab around 30 of them every three days.


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