The best Christmas presents for League of Legends players

By Nicholas James


Dec 20, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The holiday seasons are nearly here and last-minute shopping for presents is a tradition as time-honored as a Christmas tree or a Menorah. If you’re looking for the best gifts to provide your League of Legends-playing loved ones, look no further. Here are some of the best gifts for the League of Legends fan in your life in time for the holidays.

Riot Points or skins

If you’re buying a present for a friend you play League of Legends with, it’s hard to go wrong with Riot Points or specific skins. If you know a player well, gifting them a quality skin for one of their main champions is a great idea. Getting to flex on your opponents with a True Damage Yasuo skin or similarly flashy cosmetic hardly gets old, and 2022 isn’t about to change that.

If you don’t know for sure who they’ve been maining, check in on their recent match history or mastery on the League of Legends client. The quality of skins in-game can vary wildly, but Legendary and Epic skins are rarely disappointments. If they’re one of the small group of players whose main has an Ultimate skin, those cosmetics tend to be the pinnacle of skins, with the possible exception of Gun Goddess Miss Fortune.

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Official Riot Games merchandise

If you’re looking for a physical League of Legends gift to put under the Christmas tree, then skins and Riot Points won’t fill those criteria. The next place to look for a gift for the League of Legends player in your life is through Riot Games’ official merchandise. From champion statues to some genuinely snazzy apparel from Worlds, the LEC, and K/DA events, Riot Games has plenty of physical merch for you to snag.

Lots of the hoodies, windbreakers, and jackets are surprisingly good quality for video game merchandise. Most of the t-shirts are pretty generic, so unless they’re emblazoned with the recipient’s favorite champion it’ll be hard to justify over in-game items that they’ll get more use out of.

A simpler idea is to get posters of their favorite champions to decorate their living space. Most of the posters are made to order, so you don’t have to worry about any being out of stock as with some of the more exclusive apparel items.

Arcane creations

The hit show Arcane has brought lots of fans into the League of Legends space, and Riot has plenty of merch to match the show. While it follows much of the same logic as the other Riot Games merchandise, Arcane’s collection includes some incredibly cool, albeit expensive, props and items ripped from the show itself. From a Hextech Pendant to a gorgeous ring depicting Ekko’s Firelight mask to Mel Medarda’s ring, Arcane die-hards have lots to love from this collection.

Professional play gear

League of Legends is the world’s biggest esport and it’s a great way to find some custom merch for a friend or loved one. If you can find out their favorite team, many teams offer jerseys with players’ names on the back. If they have a favorite player, that’s a great place to start. Otherwise, many teams offer custom jerseys where fans can place their own gaming alias on the back as though they were a pro player. Most of the jerseys are a bit pricy, but can definitely be a worthwhile gift for long-time fans.

Christmas League of Legends loot handmade

In the age of online retailers, Etsy is overflowing with options for gifts for League of Legends fans from keychains to Poros to Hextech chest replicas. Searching up the recipient’s favorite champion is likely to yield results. There are 3d-printed champion models to function as a desk decoration or paperweights and plenty more to discover.

These gifts are often made by League of Legends fans for fellow fans and seller reviews can help weed out the few of subpar quality from the piles of Runeterran merch available through smaller retailers.


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