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The best characters to use in Mario Strikers: Battle League

By Olivia Richman


Jun 10, 2022

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There are currently only 10 characters on the Mario Strikers: Battle League roster, and all are classic Nintendo characters with their own unique stats and abilities. When creating your four-person squad in Mario Strikers, you may be wondering which characters are the best to use if you want a competitive edge on your opponents. Here is how to make the perfect team in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

What are the stats in Mario Strikers: Battle League?

The first thing to remember is the reasoning behind the five stats that make up each character in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses. Here are the five key stats and their descriptions:

  • Strength: The higher the strength, the more powerful the character can tackle. Stronger characters will also be more resistant to being tackled.
  • Speed: Some characters are faster than others as they race around the field, and their quickness is dictated by the speed state.
  • Shooting: Characters with higher shooting stats will have a faster and more powerful shot.
  • Passing: The higher the passing stat, the faster and farther the character’s pass can travel.
  • Technique: Technique is all about accuracy, especially when it comes to a character’s Hyper Strikes.

The best characters to use in Mario Strikers: Battle League



Princess Peach is an S-tier character to have on your team in Mario Strikers: Battle League in large part due to her high speed stat. She is great at dodging tackles and stealing the ball from opponents. Her Hyper Strike, Dance of Hearts, stuns any character it touches, allowing her to speedily get around them and shoot at the goal.

Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong is not as fast as Peach but makes up for it with his great strength and passing stats. Donkey Kong players should play defensively, guarding the goal and tackling enemies that come at him. His powerful passes will launch the ball to a safe player across the field. Banana Blast, Donkey Kong’s Hyper Strike, pushes opponents back and furthers Donkey Kong’s defensive power.


Rosalina is an offensive character who is all about controlling the ball around the field. She is not afraid to lead the charge, tackling opponents and scoring goals. She isn’t the fastest character but she makes up for it with her aggression. She can also speed past opponents once she uses her Hyper Strike, Orbital Burst, where she freezes any characters who gets in the way.



Waluigi is quite fast, but he works best as a defensive teammate, tackling opposing players while protecting his own goal. His shooting and passing are not the best so you won’t find him at the forward positions. When he does find himself shooting at the goal, his Thorn Barrier Hyper Strike will leave a spiky trail and blind the goalie.


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Yoshi is a powerful teammate who is great at shooting and passing, making him a good offensive character. Grab another teammate and race up the field, working together to score a goal with ease. His passing and shooting stats are very good, so take advantage of these.


As per usual, Mario is a balanced choice just as he is in most other games. He is good at everything but doesn’t stand out in any one role. This makes Mario a great choice for beginners and easy to master, as he’s known for the ease with which people can control him.


It’s no surprise but Bowser is strong and slow. His slow speed can actually be quite frustrating in such a fast-paced game, but he’s hard to tackle and can play very aggressively due to his tanky qualities. He is often used as a last line of defense.


Wario has a powerful tackle that makes him a fun addition to an aggressive team. He is great at clearing the path for your squad, allowing for a clear shot at scoring a goal with ease. His Hyper Strike, Electric Ricochet, zigzags the ball around the field and stuns opponents.



Luigi is basically a wingman, just as he so often is to Mario in many games. Luigi is great at passing but he’s not the best at shooting, and he’s a little slow. While he is a fine addition to a team with great teamwork and passing ability, Luigi is probably not a top choice.


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Toad is all about teamwork and is often seen as a support character. You can definitely have a strong Toad player on your team, but he may not be the best choice. Toad’s strength lies in his speed, making him able to snag the ball before other characters can get to it.


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