The best champions to climb solo queue on LoL patch 11.18

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 13, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

League of Legends patch 11.18 has hit the live servers and some champions are performing much better than others in solo queue. 

With the world championship coming up, patch 11.18 will mainly be catered towards professional play but with solo queue in mind. In the upcoming time, Riot will be focusing on professional play and make sure to create the most entertaining meta for the best players in the world. Until the 2021 World Championship kicks off next month, it will be the players in solo queue who get to experience the new patch and possibly predict what the meta will look like.

With win rates of well over 50%, some of the following champions are crushing the ladder in Platinum ranks and higher. This should be a clear indicator for people who want to climb the ranks in the next few weeks, that these champions should be considered. 

Here’s a look at the best champions to climb solo queue with on patch 11.18. 

Rumble has the highest win rate in mid

After receiving some solid buffs this patch, Rumble is back in the mid lane and it’s with a very high win rate. After the first days on the patch, Rumble is currently sitting at a 54.74% win rate in the mid lane for Platinum ranks and higher. This has sent him to the top of the win-rate chart, where only Karthus in the bot lane is higher. 

The big climb in win rate comes after Riot buffed Rumble’s Junkyard Titan passive to give more attack speed when overheated. At max level, Rumble gets an 80% increase in attack speed which suddenly makes him scale much better. Furthermore, Rumble’s Scrap Shield (W) now has a fixed cooldown at six seconds, which provides Rumble with a lot of extra sustain and mobility in the early laning phase.

With the current win rates, Rumble seems like a great pick to climb with as a mid laner and could potentially see stage time at the 2021 World Championship.  

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Jarvan is back in the jungle as an S-tier pick

An old king is back in the jungle now that Jarvan is currently one of the top-tier picks after getting some buffs on patch 11.16. The buffs included increased scaling on his Cataclysm (R) and a buff to the bonus damage from his Martial Cadence passive. This has gotten Jarvan back in the jungle where he is currently rocking a 52.37% win rate across 53,000 games in Platinum ranks and higher. 

Both Fiddlesticks and Rek’Sai have a bit higher win rates but they aren’t picked as often. As the second-most-picked jungler in these ranks, Jarvan is back at full speed and will be a strong pick in most cases. The buffs to his damage have made him a bruiser that can once again carry and play fairly aggressively. While he is still mainly used for his strong ganks and crowd control, a Jarvan with a few early kills can now take over games on his own.     

Quinn is crushing the top lane on LoL patch 11.18

For the top lane, Quinn has taken over with her range and ability to bully the beefy melee champions in lane. Quinn is currently good at handling the bruisers and tank in top, which makes up for a fantastic counter pick in solo queue. 

An experienced Quinn player will be able to take over most lanes in the current state of the game and play side lanes to carry. Even though Quinn is still a bit of a niche pick, she is worth picking up in solo queue as she can have a big impact. The top lane is often hard to carry through, but with Quinn, it’s only a matter of getting lane control to then snowball the game. 

With items such as Galeforce, The Collector, and Lord Dominik’s Regards, Quinn is a champion that most top laners should fear facing right now. 

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Ashe is the most reliable marksman

Ashe is still one of the most reliable marksmen in the game, which is essential when climbing solo queue in that role. Her utility isn’t to be underestimated while her damage output in the late game is still very good. This puts Ashe at a stable 51.56% win rate on patch 11.18 so far. 

While other champions in the bot lane are currently seeing higher win rates, Ashe is by far the most reliable champion and can be picked into most compositions. Karthus and Swain are currently fielding higher win rates, but they are both niche picks that can’t just be picked into everything. Instead, Ashe is a safe pick that will provide a lot of different strengths to the team composition.  

Sona is performing after recent rework

For the support position, Sona has taken over the solo queue ladder after getting her rework on patch 11.16. Since the update, Sona has proven to be a very good support in solo queue which is currently resulting in a 53.56% win rate. 

The recent rework has given Sona some new tools to scale while still being a bully in the laning phase. Even though she is still one of the most squishy champions in the game, an experienced Sona player can get a lot of work done right from the first levels. In the late game, Sona will be able to stack up a lot of ability haste through her updated Power Chord passive. 

All in all, Sona is a good pick in the current meta as the utility supports seem to do the best in solo queue. The same goes for Soraka who is running side-by-side with Sona on the win-rate charts. 


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