The best build, weapons, and artifacts for Baal in Genshin Impact

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 16, 2021

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Throw out your ultimates and charge them right back with Genshin Impact’s electric emperor.

As the third Archon available in Genshin Impact, fans expected Baal to be strong. miHoYo delivered one of the best team batteries and sub-DPS units in the game. With the right build, Baal can deal a lot of electro damage and refill your entire team’s elemental bursts with just a few strikes. Unleash the true power of the Musou no Hitotachi with the best weapons and artifacts for Baal in Genshin Impact.

The best weapon for Baal

When it comes to choosing the right weapon for Baal, the answer is clear. Engulfing Lightning is a limited five-star spear that grants an attack bonus based on energy recharge. Since Baal’s talents encourage you to get as much energy recharge as possible, Engulfing Lightning is the undisputed best-in-slot weapon for Baal.

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If you don’t have this rare five-star weapon, there are several good weapons for Baal to use on a lesser budget. “The Catch” is a free weapon available from the Inazuma Fishing Association, located northwest of Inazuma City.

If you don’t want to grind fish, there’s one more F2P weapon for Baal. The Kitain Cross Spear is a forgeable four-star weapon that grants bonus damage to her elemental skill Baleful Omen. You can obtain the blueprint for the Cross Spear by completing the Orobashi’s Legacy quest chain.

The best artifact set for Baal

Emblem of Severed Fate is the clear intended artifact set for Raiden Shogun. The four-piece set bonus increases elemental burst damage by 25% of energy recharge, which doubles up with the Enlightened One talent’s bonus damage. The two-set bonus also adds a nice 20% energy recharge on top. The Emblem of Severed Fate set is available from the Momiji-Dyed Court on Yashiori Island in Inazuma.

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When farming artifacts for Baal, the best primary stats are attack percentage on circlet, electro damage bonus on goblet, and energy recharge on the timepiece. For sub-stats, anything that improves her crit rate or damage is nice. Energy recharge is especially important, but remember that her weapons and artifact set have bonus ceilings. The best Baal builds will top out around 280% energy recharge.

How old is Baal?

Baal’s exact age is unknown, but she is at least 2,000 years old. She rose to power around the same time as Zhongli. The puppet that represents Ei outside of the Realm of Euthymia is around 500 years old. Ei developed the puppet when her sister Beelezebul died. The twins Baal and Beelzebul won Inazuma in the ancient Archon war and ruled as a pair masquerading as a single person. Beelzebul died around 500 years before the Traveler arrived in Teyvat.

As the electro Archon, Baal is not really a human and more of a godlike being. Archons appear to be immune to old age and can change their forms at will. Zhongli’s appearance takes on mid-adulthood and Venti appears as a child. Baal’s puppet body double is obviously unaffected by aging but is clearly based on Baal herself. The adepti of Liyue and Yae Miko also seem to avoid any ill effects of aging.


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