The best budget gaming chairs for different types of gamers

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Raceing-style gaming chairs have become the gold standard for gaming computer chairs, and we’ve found four options that will help any gamer make an upgrade without breaking the bank.

These picks were chosen for their overall material quality, customer feedback, and brand reputation. They all clock in at under $150, and two of our picks cost less than $100. Whether you prioritize aesthetics, comfort, or affordability, these are the budget budget gaming chairs to look for.

Best super-budget gaming chair

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It can be tough to find quality computer chairs for under $100. If you want the full racecar chair experience for under $100, a solid option is the YAHEETECH Gaming Chair. There are a lot of generic gaming chair companies that use the same parts and factories as the most famous names. The YAHEETECH comes with height and swivel bars as well as a lumbar support pillow. The materials aren’t the highest quality, but it’s the best gaming chair you can buy for $70.  

Best-looking budget gaming chair

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When it comes to decking out your gaming battlestation, customizable LEDs are essential for many. RGB is just starting to hit the budget gaming chair market. The Vinsetto Gaming Chair with RGB is the flashiest budget gaming chair available. Customizable LED strips run up and down the borders of the chair and are powered by USB. The $150 RGB chair comes in either black or white to match nearly any PC gaming setup.

Best budget gaming chair with speakers

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Built-in chair speakers are a nice feature to have if you’re into racing or sports games. Hearing your sound coming from all around helps bring a simulation game to the next level of immersion. The GTRACING Gaming Chair with Speakers is the best budget option for a computer chair with speakers. The linked model comes with Bluetooth connectivity and dual audio channels. $135 is a small price to pay for audio immersion.

Best budget gaming chair for ergonomics

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The traditional racecar style is ideal for a gaming throne, but top-level ergonomics require some sacrifices. The Hbada Office Task Desk Chair clocks in at just $100 but has many of the same ergonomic features as top-end chairs. Flip-up armrests, high density foam cushion, adjustable rocking style, and curved lumbar support make it the best budget ergonomic gaming chair if you’re willing to sacrifice the racecar aesthetic.


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