The 3 best soft supports for grinding MMR in Dota 2 patch 7.30

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A good soft support can bully the enemy carry, make plays in the mid game, and set their offlaner up for success. A good position-four player can do all that while still scaling into a late-game threat.

Patch 7.30 brought a ton of buffs to some of the typically overlooked supports in Dota 2. A round of buffs have brought a new batch of faces to the forefront in Dota 2 patch 7.30. These are the three best soft supports in the game right now.


Silencer is proof that Dota 2’s balance is incredibly fragile. Silencer was hardly used at the beginning of patch 7.30 but is now the winningest hero in Dota 2 with a 54.89% winrate. Silencer’s effectiveness drops down slightly at higher skill levels, but he still sports an above-average 52.3% winrate in Divine and above. All of those wins come from talent reworks and a change to Arcane Curse so it deals double damage to silenced targets.

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Hazhadal Magebreaker Silencer

His new level 10 talent that grants 15 Arcane Curse damage allows Silencer to shove dead lanes and harass enemy heroes before a team fight kicks off. The additional 10% slow at level 15 pushes the ability over the top. Add in orb walking with Glaives of Wisdom and Silencer is one of the best lane harassers in Dota 2. No matter the meta, Global Silence will always be a Black King Bar for the whole team. 


Since receiving several small buffs in 7.30, Omniknight has become the most successful support in Divine and Immortal. That high win rate extends to every bracket with a peak of 57.7% at Ancient. Heavenly Grace’s bonus strength was increased to an absurd 38 and Guardian Angel’s cooldown got 20 seconds slashed off at level four.

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Armor of the Stalwart Soul Omniknight

One of the difficult parts about playing soft support is juggling between long and short-term goals. Should the goal be stacking ancients for the carry or pressuring the enemy safe lane? Regardless of what Omniknight chooses, he’s still one of the best late-game enablers in Dota 2. The new Shard rework even turned Hammer of Purity into an excellent counter for damage stereos like Bristleback and Leshrac. Access to pure damage and a purge makes Omniknight a great 7.30 support pick for a player focused on defense. 

Vengeful Spirit

Looking to take a more active support role and set up ganks in the mid game? Vengeful Spirit is the hero to play.

The Skywrath princess received just two major buffs in 7.30. Nether Swap now grants a massive amount of damage reduction to both Venge and any allied target. The additional 50 damage isn’t much, but it’s enough to disable Blink Dagger or burn an Infused Raindrop. 

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Vengeful Spirit’s winrate surged nearly three full points to 53.84% since 7.30 dropped. While normally played as a hard support in the safe lane, buffs to Nether Swap have made her more successful as a playmaking four. Vengeful Spirit also provides a stun, vision, Roshan potential, and a massive damage boost for her entire team all in a versatile soft support. Vengeful Spirit is best for position fours who want to take an active role but still cover their bases for the late game.


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