The 3 best Dota 2 heroes to play with in Ability Draft

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Ability Draft is a contest of who can get the most broken skill combo, but your randomly assigned base hero can make or break your skill draft.

Even with their spells removed, Dota 2 heroes are very different from each other. Base stats, damage, armor, attack speed, attack animation, and regen all have a significant impact on the laning phase. Stat growth and attack type can greatly influence the late game of an Ability Draft match. 

Considering their base stats, base attack, and stat gain, these are the best Dota 2 heroes to build on in Ability Draft.

Nature’s Prophet

When it comes to stat gain, no hero comes close to Nature’s Prophet. The ranged intelligence hero gains almost 10 full stat points with each level. 3.7 intelligence and 3.6 agility gain are backed by some of the highest starting stats in the game.

That strong stat growth makes Nature’s Prophet an ideal carry or mid laner in ability draft. Since you don’t have to worry about mana or health, you can skip straight to fun items like Witch Blade and Daedalus. Look for abilities that provide mobility such as Blink or Prophet’s own Teleportation.


Normal Juggernaut is known for dominating the lane and scaling past his enemies. With a good set of spells, Ability Draft Juggernaut can do the exact same thing. 34 agility at level one with 2.8 per level makes him the most agile hero at the start of any Dota 2 match.

Juggernaut also has one of the lowest base attack times in Dota 2. Attack speed items like Butterfly or Mjollnir are more effective on Jugg than the average hero. Try to draft abilities that grant attack speed like Inner Beast or Ghoul Frenzy.

Centaur Warrunner

Nature’s Prophet is great thanks to his late-game stats, but Centaur Warrunner’s strength gain is absolutely monstrous. 4.7 strength gain means that Centaur gains almost 100 health points per level. He also starts with 63 base damage, the third-highest in Dota 2. Centaur’s only real flaw in Ability Draft is his lack of mana and armor, but those can be easily fixed with items.

Centaur’s tank factor makes him the perfect off or mid laner for Ability Draft. To capitalize on his insane health pool, look for abilities that regen health or push his tankiness further. Dragon Blood, Bloodrage, and Healing Ward are all worth diving for.