TFT Mobile is now set to release in the spring of 2020

Marta Juras • December 27, 2019 6:52 pm

The mobile port for Teamfight Tactics will be released in spring 2020, the game’s lead designer shared on stream.

When Riot Games celebrated League of Legends’ 10-year anniversary in October, the developer shared a number of announcements with fans. Players that turn their focus towards the auto battler game mode, Teamfight Tactics, were mostly excited to hear their favorite mode is coming to smaller screens as well.

Riot originally announced TFT will be getting its mobile port in 2020 without giving players details on when in 2020 they can expect to download the game on their phones. However, lead game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer gave players a hint during a Christmas stream on his own Twitch channel. He shared that mobile TFT will be coming before May 31 of next year.

TFT mobile

Teamfight Tactics Mobile launching spring 2020 with cross-platform play

Once the game is up on Google Play and the App Store, TFT players will have an opportunity to play it across all platforms. Not only does this mean they will be able to transfer their progress from one platform to another, sometimes playing on a PC and sometimes on a phone, but it also means those that are on PC will be able to play together with friends that are using their phones or tablets.

Before an official launch that’s more likely to come towards the end of May rather than earlier in 2020, a few chosen players will have an opportunity to try it out in a beta stage rumored to go live in January. In the meantime, Riot has already set up a page where players can sign up for all the latest updates and news from the game. Pre-registration is also already live on Google Play, but this isn’t yet the case for users of Apple devices.

On the other hand, those that are waiting for the mobile version of League of Legends will have to patiently keep waiting for more concrete information about its release. In addition, since League of Legends: Wild Rift isn’t simply a port like TFT, but rather a new game unto its own, there won’t be cross-play available and League players will have to start fresh Wild Rift accounts.


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