TFT Galaxies mid-set patch 10.12 adds new traits, updates TFT Mobile

By Melany Moncada


Jun 11, 2020

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The highly anticipated TFT: Galaxies mid-set update is live with TFT patch 10.12, and it brings changes to every single element in the game.

This is the only content update for TFT: Galaxies, so from now until the new set there won’t be new champions or traits. The mid-set update also includes Lightcharger, Nixie and Bellswayer, a trio of Little Legends.

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Ranked in TFT patch 10.12

Galaxies Ranked Stage two has officially started with patch 10.12, and it’s a soft reset meaning that places players one full tier below their previous rank. Silver III players are now placed in Bronze III, and so on. Players are given five provisional matches so they won’t be losing LP in ranked for five games.

Victorious rewards

Players that placed gold or above in the Galaxies Ranked Stage one will receive an emote to show their rank. If players place gold or above in both stages, they will receive a Victorious Little Legends by the end of the TFT: Galaxies.

There is a prize for those that have been placing high since set one. Players that place gold or above in set one and Rise of the Elements will receive a Victorious Little Legend. These can be found in the inventory.

Galaxies Pass+

A new pass is available for purchase in the store, the Galaxies Pass+ sells for 1,295 RP. The first reward is an exclusive Star Guardian Sprite. Other rewards include new booms, arena skins, and a Star Guardian Silverwing.

System changes in TFT patch 10.12

It was reported that Void and Valkyrie would be removed from the game and replaced with three new traits. All Void and Valkyrie are out of the game, plus Sona, Kassadin, and Lux.

New traits

Patch 10.12 adds three new traits:

  • Astro (3): Astro units reduce the mana cost by 30.
  • Battlecast (2/4/6/8): Upon dealing or taking 10 stacks of damage, Battlecast units heal or deal magic damage, depending on the unit’s health.
  • Paragon (1): Star Guardians deal true damage. Other allies deal magic damage.

Find all the information about the new champions in TFT here.

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Starting with patch 10.13, TFT is planning on adding a new galaxy and removing another. In patch 10.12, the odds for each galaxy are:

  • Littler Legends – 10% of games
  • The Neekoverse – 10% of games
  • Medium Legends – 10% of games
  • Superdense Galaxy – 10% of games
  • Trade Sector – 10% of games
  • Treasure Trove – 10% of games
  • Star Cluster – 10% of games
  • Galactic Armory – 10% of games
  • Normal – 20% of games

Lilac Galaxy was removed from the game.

New breakpoints

Not all remaining traits stayed the same after patch 10.12. The breakpoints change for seven different traits:

  • 6 Celestial is only attainable with a celestial orb. Healing increased to 5/40/99%
  • 8 Chrono added, it grants attack speed every 0.75 seconds.
  • Dark Star breakpoints changed to 2/4/6/8. Units get the buff whenever an ally dies.
  • Sniper new breakpoints 2/4, bonus damage per hex changed to 10%/18.
  • 8 Sorcerer removed, bonus spell power changed to 20/45/75%
  • 9 Star Guardian added with a 55 mana distribution.
  • 6 Vanguard added, units receive 1,000 armor.

TFT Mobile gets new features

TFT Mobile is also getting a massive update. The shop is officially open, players now can purchase Little Legends and arena skins. TFT Mobile will be getting exclusive cosmetics in the near future.

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The second new feature for TFT Mobile is the team planner. Players can select their composition before the game starts so it’s easier for them to complete it.

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