Jett’s dash is still breaking Cypher’s tripwire after patch 3.0

Fariha Bhatti • June 26, 2021 5:15 pm

Valorant Episode 3 Act I brought tons of tweaks to the game and nerfs to overpowered agents. But, players are reporting that Jett’s kit hasn’t changed at all. 

Episode 3 isn’t your regular patch update. Instead, it included massive changes for ranks, agents, and weapons, but still, a nerf to Jett’s dash had the attention of all the players. However, players are complaining that Jett can still utilize her Tailwind like before. 

Patch 3.00 disabled Jett’s ability to dash through Cypher’s tripwire. This was huge for Cypher players who’d failed to defend a site when the enemy team had Jett. The agent could break through the wires, draw first blood, and open point for her teammates, rendering Cypher useless unless you have a great aim. 

The latest patch fixed this OP ability but a clip by a Valorant player showed that Cypher’s wire barely fazes Jett even after the update.

The Cypher main at point A of Bind meticulously placed his setup and awaited enemies. Then, trusting his wire warning, he casually walked in lamps when Jett dashed in through the wire and shot him down. Unfortunately, the player barely had the time to process the bug as enemy Jett was quick enough to land the kill. 

Another clip of the same round surfaced on Reddit from the enemy’s perspective, showing that the trip momentarily hit Jett. 

The agent was stunned for a second but managed to dash through only to get dazed again and pushed back. This weird instance proves that this is undoubtedly a major bug that stunned Jett after the damage had been done. 

Many other players even called it a Jett buff if it’s an intentional mechanic. The trip stunned her briefly but pulled her right into the concussion, and therefore her movement paused, which allowed her to get the perfect standing still shot. So while it’s a nice theory, it’s unlikely that the weird movement wasn’t a glitch. 

The developer hasn’t commented on the Jett elastic movement bug yet, but a proper fix should be delivered soon. In addition, players have discovered multiple glitches after the patch 3.00 update, which changed Valorant. So, a hotfix for all reported bugs should be expected. 

Can Jett dash through Cypher’s tripwire?

Before Patch 3.00, Jett could Tailwind through Cypher’s wire that dazes and slows down all other agents. However, the new update nerfs the duelist’s ability to break Cypher’s wire. 


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