TenZ cries over KevJumba tribute song after VCT Champions loss

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Kevin “KevJumba” Wu gave has been working on a special gift for the world’s best Valorant player.

Twitch streamer KevJumba fans a sneak peek at a Valorant-themed rap mixtape. KevJumba dedicated the song “With You In The Clouds” to his favorite Valorant pro, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. Whether he knew it or not, TenZ was watching live with his girlfriend Kyedae Shymko. The Valorant pro’s reaction started with awe and quickly moved to tears.

“This is for you, TenZ! Chin up!” said KevJumba.

The song includes boasts like “I might mess with Reyna/You can betcha when I play her for a day/It’s gonna be the meta” and “They compare me to an aimbot/No thoughts/Only focused on the headshots.” Considering TenZ’s status as the current best pro Valorant player, those lyrics definitely ring true. 

TenZ mentioned during a previous stream that KevJumba was his favorite YouTuber during his time on the platform, so getting a shoutout with a dedicated song is a huge moment for him. After hearing KevJumba’s tribute song, Tenz began crying tears of joy. He even leaned out of the frame, overcome with emotion. After hearing about TenZ’s response, KevJumba took a moment to thank him for listening and encourage TenZ to continue performing on the Valorant world stage.

KevJumba’s tribute song cheers TenZ up after KRÜ upset

This surprise tribute came at the perfect time.

TenZ’s team, Sentinels, just experienced the roughest loss in the history of the organization. The team tanked at Valorant Champions 2021 after eating a 2-1 loss to KRÜ Esports in the Group B decider match. The series looked like a shoo-in for Sentinels after it defeated KRÜ on its own map pick Fracture, but that changed after a 13-11 defeat on Haven. The decider on Split also ended 13-11 for KRÜ. Sentinels left Berlin with just $20,000 from a 12th-place finish.

Sentinels was expected to go far at Valorant’s biggest international tournament. TenZ’s teammate Jared “zombs” Gitlin is also under fire for some comments he made regarding the Brazilian Valorant scene. KevJumba’s tribute song to TenZ couldn’t have come at a better time.

Valorant mixtape coming

The song dedicated to TenZ isn’t the only Valorant-inspired beat KevJumba is working on. He plans to release an entire mixtape dedicated to Riot’s tactical shooter. KevJumba’s project is set to feature six songs inspired by Valorant, including a feature from fellow streamer Leslie on TenZ’s dedicated track With You In The Clouds. KevJumba’s most recent stream featured sneak peeks at songs from the Valorant mixtape.

The YouTube star-turned-streamer announced the project in November with a single called “I’m Going Pro.” The release date KevJumba’s Valorant mixtape is December 10. There will be a celebratory release stream at 1 pm CST on KevJumba’s original YouTube channel with nearly 3 million subscribers.