Tencent just banned over 3.8 million hackers in PUBG Mobile

By Olivia Richman


Jun 28, 2021

Reading time: 1 min

Even though PUBG Mobile isn’t on PC, it still faces the same the same major issue other free battle royales continue to deal with: cheaters and hacking. 

From June 18 to June 24, PUBG Mobile developer Tencent banned millions of players for cheating. This is shockingly something Tencent does each and every week. This time around it was a little short of four million cheaters. 

According to PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter account, 76% of the banned players were caught modifying their character models. Developers included a chart with their announcement, outlining what other hacks were found this time around. 7% were banned for using x-ray vision and auto-aim hacks, while 5% of the banned players were using speed hacks. 4% were modifying the area of damage dealt, and 8% were banned for “other” reasons. 

Tencent then decided to dive into who these 3.88 million banned players even deeper. The publisher shared the cheaters’ rank distribution in PUBG Mobile. Most of the cheaters were unsurprisingly at the Crown rank (27%). 14% were in Ace, 25% in Diamond, and 13% in Platinum. Some were only in Bronze (10%), which means that either their hacks weren’t working out too well for them or they had just gotten started when they were caught. 

During the previous week, Tencent banned 2.5 million cheaters. While the amount of cheaters in PUBG Mobile is astonishing, players are also pleased to see developers continuing their anti-cheat efforts week after week. Tencent has also shared behavioral information with its players, helping players to distinguish between cheaters and non-cheaters so that they can report suspicious accounts more accurately. 


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