Teemo win rate has skyrocketed after patch 11.21 buffs

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 23, 2021

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After recent buffs to Teemo on League of Legends patch 11.12, his win rate has skyrocketed in solo queue. 

Teemo players have had a blast in solo queue since the release of patch 11.12, where Teemo saw big buffs to his blind duration on Blinding Dart (Q). These buffs have made the Swift Scout jump in solo-queue priority where his win rate is now at above 50% in both top and mid lane over thousands of games played in Platinum ranks and higher. 

Previously, Teemo has been a very niche pick in high ranks, but now it seems like Teemo might become an actual part of the meta and not only be picked by very dedicated Teemo players. Teemo’s most popular role is still in the top lane, where he is now considered an S-tier pick according to U.gg, boasting a win rate of 50.85%. 

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Is Teemo good in top lane?

The win rate alone isn’t as high as other prime picks, but compared to the last patch where Teemo sat below 50% this is a big step up. The new buffs to Teemo have made him an even stronger lane bully in the top lane, with the ability to directly counter champions who rely on auto-attacks. 

With a three-second blind at max rank, Teemo’s Blinding Dart has now become a tool to shut down marksmen in team fights. Meanwhile, Teemo is still the oppressive split pusher that can gain total control of a lane when he unlocks his Noxious Trap (R). 

Teemo has also proven to be a viable pick in the mid lane on patch 11.21, where his win rate is the highest at a whopping 52.05%. The pick rate of Teemo in mid is still very small, so it indicates that Teemo is mainly used as a counter pick for mid. With that said, the win rate alone speaks towards Teemo’s new potential when compared to his win rate at 48% in the mid lane just one patch ago.  

While it’s clear that Teemo has finally become viable for solo queue climbing, it’s still unknown if the Yordle will end up being a viable pick in professional play. With the 2021 World Championship being played on patch 11.19, it’s still unknown how the best players in the world will handle the new Teemo buffs. 


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