Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies units, traits, release date information

By Melany Moncada


Feb 22, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games revealed the theme for Teamfight Tactics Set 3 and it promises to be an out of this world experience.

TFT: Galaxies is the title of the highly anticipated third set. Galaxies will put TFT players into the middle of a “League universe-spanning intergalactic war.” Like its predecessor, TFT: Rise of the Elements, TFT: Galaxies will add new champions, traits, skins, and game mechanics.

What’s new in TFT: Galaxies?

The first change is the board. The elemental hexes that granted extra stats to units are gone with this new set. Instead, each game will take place on a different galaxy. The galaxies are boards with a unique set of rules. Riot provided two examples of possible galaxies:

  • Neekoverse: Each player starts the game with two Neeko’s Help.
  • 4-Cost-Carousel: The first carousel includes only 4-cost units.

Players won’t know which galaxy they are playing on until the game starts. The goal is to create unique experiences and make every game as different as possible. Riot is looking to bring TFT to a point where different strategies are equally viable, with the determining factor being players’ creativity and adaptability. Galaxies are the best way to guarantee different gaming experiences.

According to the developer, the galaxy system will allow them to test what works and what doesn’t by adding and removing galaxies. Instead of trying to hot fix an overpowered galaxy, Riot could simply delete it from the game.

What champions are coming to TFT: Galaxies?

Riot didn’t reveal the list of characters and traits for TFT: Galaxies, but there are various skin lines that would fit well into the celestial theme. This gives fans a decent idea of who will be coming to TFT in the near future.

Some skin lines that would comfortably fit in include Event Horizon, Star Guardian, Pulsefire, and Odyssey.

Each skin line includes at least 5 different champions that could be used to build synergies. The list includes champions that have been previously seen in the TFT universe such as Jinx, Miss Fortune, Lulu, Varus, and Ezreal. With that in mind, players can also likely get an idea for what traits will come back in TFT Set 3.

Rangers were part of both Set 1 and TFT: Rise of the Elements and are some of the most reliable carries in the game, working in almost every meta. Gunslingers were part of Set 1 and, with champions like Miss Fortune, Jhin, and Jinx likely to be a part of TFT Set 3, the trait could make a comeback. 

When is TFT: Galaxies coming out?

There isn’t an exact date for TFT: Set 3 quite yet. According to the announcement, TFT: Galaxies is coming out at some point in March 2020. The new set could be scheduled to coincide with the release of TFT Mobile.

The first patch of March is patch 10.5, which is scheduled for March 4. Patch 10.6 is scheduled for March 18. TFT: Galaxies is hitting the PBE server before those dates. Fans interested in getting an early taste can learn how to get a PBE account here.