Teamfight Tactics celebrates ranked mode with Showdown tournament

Olivia Richman • July 2, 16:00

The first-ever Teamfight Tactics tournament has just been announced.

Riot Games released an official press release for the first Teamfight Tactics event. Sixty-four Twitch streamers will battle for “bragging rights” in the game’s first competitive tournament on July 17 and 18. 

The two-day Twitch Rivals event has a $125,000 prize pool. 

The first day will feature two groups of 32 players, compting for a spot in the second day’s top 16 cut. Group one will begin at 9 am PST, and group two will compete at 1:45 pm PST. 

For those wondering who these Twitch streamers will be, the full roster and complete format breakdown will be revealed on July 8. 

Teamfight Tactics ranked mode


According to the press release, the championship will be celebrating the release of the game’s ranked mode. Yet it was never revealed when ranked will be added to Riot’s new game, although TFT fans are hoping that will happn before July 17. 

Riot game designer David “Volty” Abecassis recently stated that the game will be receiving patches that include new champions. While this implies that the game will have future changes to its roster and content, it still doesn’t tell players when to expect those updates.

If Riot follows their usual update schedule, League of Legend’s 9.14 patch will most likely be dropped the week of July 8. This should include balance fixes and bug updates for TFT. But Riot has never announced if this patch will also include ranked for their new auto battler. 

Check out Teamfight Tactics Showdown on Twitch’s Rivals channel


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