Team Undying launches crowdfunding campaign for TI10 boot camp

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North American Dota 2 team Undying has opened a crowdfunding campaign for its camp before The International 2021. 

On August 3, David “MoonMeander” Tan Boon Yang issued a statement through social media talking about his experience with Team Undying. In it, he discussed the difficulty of playing with an international roster and the trials faced by the squad. He accompanied the statement with a link to a GoFundMe page asking fans for financial support. Team Undying intends to use the funding for a boot camp in Europe to prepare for TI10.

“All I want is to give my boys, some first-time TI attendees, the best chance they can get to prove themselves. I want them to be unshackled by ping, to be able to finally see each other in person, scrim together, eat together, have fun together,” said MoonMeander. 

The Undying organization, which consists of five players and a manager, hopes to raise $20,817 in time for TI10. The money will be used to transport the American players to Europe and pay for boot camp accommodations. Team Undying qualified for TI10 through the North American closed qualifier without losing a single game.

What is a boot camp in esports?

Boot camping in esports is a team trip intended to provide new training opportunities, normally ahead of a big event. Boot camps usually consist of intense practice, analysis, and preparation. In the case of Team Undying, the squad hopes to play organized scrims against other teams stationed in Europe. Being in Europe before TI10 will also give Undying’s players a better matchmaking environment for individual practice. Perhaps most importantly, it will allow Team Undying to meet in person for the first time ahead of TI10.

Team Undying and Quincy Crew are the only unsponsored teams attending The International 2021. Evil Geniuses, who will attend as a popular contender, remains the only sponsored Dota 2 team in North America. The new Dota Pro Circuit system was intended to make Dota 2 more sponsor-friendly, but very little progress has been made in North America. Team Undying spoke with several potential sponsors before ultimately declining due to a variety of factors.


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