Team SoloMid vs. Gen.G: LoL Worlds 2020 betting analysis

Melany Moncav • October 4, 00:54

Team SoloMid will look to bounce back against Gen.G in day two of the 2020 World Championship main event.

TSM started the event on the wrong foot. The North American representative fell to Fnatic in its debut at Worlds and is in desperate need of a win. Gen.G debuted with a shaky victory over LGD Gaming and is not looking as strong as many expected.

TSM vs. Gen.G at Worlds 2020 is about objective control

Despite coming from different regions, TSM and Gen.G play almost identical styles. Both teams have a jungler that enables the solo laners and both focus on neutral objectives. These are not teams that like to fight unless there’s something to obtain on the map. The key difference is that one can execute this strategy better than the other.

Gen.G is better at setting up plays, especially around the dragon. The team knows the exact points where to place vision and how to wait for the exact moment to strike. Gen.G always makes sure to have priority in bot and mid lane before going for dragons. In play-ins, dragons’ priority went down significantly but that is changing in the main event.

Against LGD, Gen.G completed the Dragon Soul and took the game soon after. Teams with Dragon Soul have a 100% winrate in the main event and it might be the main win condition for both Gen.G and TSM.

Gen.G favored to defeat TSM at Worlds 2020

Gen.G had a rocky start at Worlds, but is still considered the favorite to take first place in Group C. On, the odds put Gen.G with a solid 1.31 over TSM’s 3.15. That line is consistent across almost all betting platforms.

This matchup won’t be decided by a single player, but instead the team’s collective effort. TSM shouldn’t be written off entirely, as the North American squad can still find its way into the match up with the right decisions. Gen.G’s favorite status is still deserved, though.


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