Team Liquid team up with Marvel, reveal exclusive Avengers jerseys

Olivia Richman • June 27, 2019 9:00 pm

Team Liquid has just announced a brand new strategic partnership with Marvel Entertainment. 

The partnership was revealed at Rift Rivals: NA vs EU today. Team Liquid’s League of Legends team walked on the stage with custom designed Captain America competitive jerseys. While the one-of-a-kind jerseys were an immediate showstopper, that’s not all the partnership has in store. 

Over the next few months, Team Liquid will partner with Marvel to drop more exclusive merchendise and other content crossovers. So far, no other information on these future crossover products has been revealed, but the Marvel hero-inspired jerseys are already available on Team Liquid’s store

Check out the available designs, inspired by Avengers: End Game: 

“Still the OG. We’re proud to show we have a heart that pumps pure power,” reads the description. “This is the jersey to power your next session and to show your Team Liquid allegiance to the world.” 

“Bringing together the very best heroes from multiple digital realms to fight for glory, Team Liquid represents the best from all corners of the earth: whether you’re a CSGO fan or a Smash player, this shows you’re part of the team,” Team Liquid said. 

All of the jerseys are customizable. There were also two t-shirts revealed with the initial collection. 

This is Marvel Entertainment’s first partnership within the esports industry. This ambitious crossover is also the first collaboration between Marvel and an esports team. 

This major news was teased earlier this week. Team Liquid took to Twitter to hint at an upcoming event they called “Project Whirlwind.” Scrolling through the responses to this cryptic tweet, it appeared that most people were completely unaware what the event could even entail. 

Team Liquid’s League of Legends squad is currently participating in Rift Rivals, where North American LCS teams are clashing with European sides from the LEC. Liquid will resume normal LCS competition next week, and is currently ranked first in the domestic league.


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