Team Liquid pick Clutch Gaming for LCS Summer semifinals

By Olivia Richman


Aug 12, 2019

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Team Liquid have picked Clutch Gaming as their opponents in the LCS Summer Split semifinals.

That leaves Counter Logic Gaming to face Cloud9 in the semis after a quarterfinal victory over OpTic Gaming.  

In an interview with over the weekend, Clutch Gaming’s Sun “Cody Sun” Li-Yu stated that he wanted Team Liquid to pick his team for the semifinals. He also added that he’s confident in his team in this match-up and that he expects to have fun playing it. 

Even though Cody Sun was feeling positive about the potential series, Clutch Gaming is definitely the underdog. Team Liquid is the top team in North America, having secured a spot in the semifinals thanks to a 14-4 record. The second-place team, Cloud9, had a 12-6 record in comparision.

Clutch Gaming are currently fifth in the standings with a 9-9 record. The team had a rocky start to the summer split but started to pick up momentum in the last few weeks thanks in part to their new coaching staff. The switch inspired the team to take scrims a bit more seriously and focus on better meta compositions. 

While they were able to take down Team SoloMid rather easily in the quarterfinals, it’s still unclear how they’ll do against Team Liquid, who have won multiple LCS championships in a row. 

Fellow underdog team Counter Logic Gaming also has a tough road ahead after being paired with Cloud9. So far, Cloud9 looks to be the only other LCS team with a real shot against Liquid.

Liquid are a well-oiled machine twith few if any chinks in their armor. If they can get their carries going, there’s no slowing them down unless they get overconfident. This roster is arguably the most dominant in North American history and they’re looking to solidify their current era of dominance by winning another consecutive LCS title.

The LCS summer split semifinals will take place on Saturday, August 17 and on Sunday, August 18. 


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