Team Liquid has staked its claim as the best CS:GO team in the world

Tom Beer • June 10, 20:21

Team Liquid have accomplished something that not even major champion Cloud9 had managed previously in North America.

With the team’s recent victory at Dreamhack Masters Dallas, Team liquid has installed itself as the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team in the world. In achieving this unquestioned number one spot in the world rankings, they have become the first North American team in the game’s history to do so.

Liquid did not get to lift the trophy on the stage to celebrate the monumental achievement as it was lost en route by delivery service UPS. They were however presented with plaques, rings, and the accompanying prize money to go along with the new title of being the world’s best team.

This epic achievement comes after a sustained period of finishing in second place across many live events, often falling short to three-time major championship team Astralis, before finally claiming victory.

The 2-1 series win over ENCE signalled the end of the era of Astralis, who had held the position for over 400 days. The success comes as a result of a mix of circumstances. The points-based system awards teams for tournament successes and can punish those who don’t qualify or otherwise participate.

With Team Liquid attending more events and Astralis’ recent reduction in appearances combined with the Danish side’s dip in performance, Team Liquid was able to leapfrog to the top.

Many in the CS:GO community have come out in messages of congratulations to the team. It feels like the end to a long journey for Liquid, who were so often labeled as chokers and runners-up given Astralis’ dominance over the past two years.

Team Liquid’s reign at the top was only further secured when Astralis shockingly crashed out of the ECS finals with a series loss to Brazilian side Furia Esports.


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