Twitch Iron Trials

Team ItsEyeQew wins Twitch Rivals Iron Trials Showdown

By Olivia Richman


Oct 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch Rivalsโ€™ Iron Trials Showdown has ended with Team ItsEyeQew emerging as the victors.

The Call of Duty: Warzone tournament was held on October 26, with 50 trios competing in custom Iron Trials โ€™84 games for their share of a $75,000 prize pool. Iron Trials was announced in September as a mode dedicated to highly competitive players with changes that better reflected this group of top competitors.

Despite the challenges of Iron Trials โ€™84, Team ItsEyeQew became a top contender early on. The squad was made up of Arrayyz, ItsEyeQew, and Ebatez, three players who continued to rack up eliminations and secure wins throughout the tournament. Their impressive run earned them over 134 points, which was far ahead of the other top teams.

Team bbreadman scored 111 points, Team Tommey scored 97.5 points, and Team zColorss had 91.7 points. The top 49 netted part of the $75,000, but ItsEyeQew came out of the fray with the first-place share of $15,000.

What is Iron Trials โ€™84?

Iron Trials โ€™84 is Warzone but with some rules changed to make it more challenging for competitive players. The first major change is that each player has increased health and slower health regeneration. This makes it harder to kill opponents, meaning perks and equipment are more important than ever.

The match rules have some changes as well. Each game is shorter by two minutes, and the speed of the circle is increased. This forces teams to think faster and to have a better strategy for each rotation.

Iron Trials has no free loadouts. Players have to search for cash to make impactful purchases. Players who want to use particular weapons will need to buy a loadout, setting them back $15,000.

The weapons themselves are nerfed as well. Sniper rifles wonโ€™t down enemies if they are further out than 30 meters, meaning players have time to react if being shot at from afar. Medical syringes regenerate health much more slowly, and stun grenades last for 50% less time.


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