Tarik says Valorant is easier

Tarik says Valorant is easier as nitr0 struggles in CSGO after return

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The buzz around Nick “nitr0” Cannella’s return to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive after a short stint in Valorant has finally fizzled out. The professional player is struggling a bit, and Tarik “tarik” Celik thinks it’s because CSGO is harder than Valorant. 

CSGO pro players may quickly succeed in Valorant after transitioning, but switching back is a different story. Many Valorant professional players who returned have had difficulty adjusting due to numerous factors. According to tarik, one of the factors is CSGO being harder than Valorant. 

tarik blasts Valorant players on Twitch stream

While watching a BLAST Premier Spring 2022 between NaVi and Team Liquid on live stream, tarik didn’t hold back in criticizing the newly returned nitr0. The former pro said that if he were in nitr0’s place, he’d consider going back to the game where enemies “don’t shoot back.” 

“nitr0 was farming them in Valorant, now he comes over to CS, and he’s having a hard time. At that point, I’d consider going back if I were him. Motherf**kers in Valorant weren’t shooting back,” tarik said.

nitr0 recently reunited with Team Liquid’s 2018 star core of Keith “NAF” Markovic and Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski. Still, apart from a commendable performance against EG, the roster has failed to have much impact. After suffering a loss from FaZe, the team was kicked out from BLAST Premier by NaVi as Liquid lacked heavily in firepower. Fans had high hopes from Nitr0, but the pro player still seems to be adjusting. 

Taking note of his two kills in the first half of Mirage, tarik pointed out that his performance differed wildly in Valorant. nitr0 was 100 Thieves’ longest-standing member, thanks to his consistent performance and ability to add kills to the team scoreboard. While his initial showing in CSGO after the return doesn’t correctly reflect his skillset, tarik thinks he’s underperforming. 

Is Valorant harder than CSGO?

Valorant’s comparison with CSGO is as old as the game itself. tarik isn’t the first streamer who’s flamed a player base with his recent comments. Previously, FPS veteran shroud has also mentioned how Valorant is more stressful than CSGO due to difficulty difference. However, he’s also continued to appreciate CSGO’s simplistic and realistic approach that attracts viewers. 

There’s no final verdict, but it’s a fact that many subpar CSGO players have found quick success in Valorant. Players who never broke through the Tier-2 ceiling are now reigning the Valorant esports. nitr0 was one of the few pro players who switched at the apex of their careers, and his return says a lot for both the games.