Taimou announced as member of Event Horizon Valorant team

By Admir Mujacic


Aug 27, 2020

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Former Overwatch League player Timo “Taimou” Kettunen has been announced as a part of Team Event Horizon’s new competitive Valorant team.

Event Horizon roster:

  • Timo “Taimou” Kettunen
  • George “ShaDowBurn” Gushcha
  • Viktors “Forsak3n” Bernevs
  • “Feeqn”
  • “roxie”

Taimou has been very active in Riot’s new first-person shooter since announcing his retirement from professional Overwatch play earlier this year in April. The former Dallas Fuel DPS player has played a variety of tournaments with a number of different squads, with his best placing so far being a second-place finish at G2 Esports Brawl II. He has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the best Brimstone players in Europe. 

Joining him in Team Even Horizon will be ShaDowBurn, another former Overwatch League competitor. ShaDowBurn competed in OWL’s inaugural season with Philadelphia Fusion before departing the team to join Paris Eternal. He is renowned as one of the best Genji players ever to compete in pro Overwatch. Although not as experienced in the growing competitive Valorant scene as is his new teammate Taimou, ShaDowBurn has competed together with current Horizon teammate Forsak3n on a number of CIS rosters with varying degrees of success.

OWL pros Taimou, ShaDowBurn, Forsak3n move to Valorant

Forsak3n is another player in the line-up that comes from an Overwatch background. A renowned support player known primarily for his Zenyatta, he competed for the likes of G2 Esports and Faze Clan along with ShadowBurn. Apart from his Overwatch career, he has also competed in Team Fortress 2 and Apex Legends in the past. 

The rest of the roster is rounded out by up-and-coming Valorant players Feeqn and roxie. roxie comes from a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds background, competing in the regional Baltic scene, while Feeqn is a relatively unknown player who has competed primarily in Rust PvP.

Event Horizon has seemingly bypassed the current norm of building Valorant teams around former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, putting forward a roster headlined by OWL stars Taimou and ShaDowBurn. Only time will tell if this different approach will pay off. It is currently unknown when the team will be making its official Valorant tournament debut.


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