Sylvee, Tubbo, Sapnap, and Smajor win Minecraft Championships 18

Kenneth Williams • October 24, 21:25

Minecraft isn’t usually considered an esport, but the Minecraft Championships are very serious business.

The Mustard Mummies have taken first place in Season 18 of the Minecraft Championships. The Halloween-themed event was the largest season of MCC yet, and the four winners have been awarded major clout and bragging rights until the next MCC season. The MCC18 winners included multiple past champions and two first-time winners.

This season’s Minecraft Championships included several new and returning minigames for players to compete in. Teams accumulate points throughout the MCC for a final reveal at the end. The final Minecraft minigame Dodgebolt put Mustard Mummies in a close lead at the very end of the event. 

MCC18 Mustard Mummies roster

The Minecraft Championships season 18 winning roster is as follows.

  • Sylvia “Sylvee” Frank
  • Toby “Tubbo” Smith
  • Nicholas “Sapnap”
  • Scott “Smajor” Major

The Mustard Mummies were a solid pick to win the whole event from the very beginning. Popular Minecraft modder Smajor already had three wins at the MCC before season 18. Sapnap also had a championship of his own from MCC 15. Each champion has earned a physical coin as a trophy for their hard-earned victory, which will be shipped to them soon.

What’s the prize for the Minecraft Championship?

The MCC series does not have a traditional prize pool like other esports events. Members of the winning squad instead receive a physical coin commemorating their victory. The coin itself isn’t particularly special, but it comes with a lot of bragging rights. The Minecraft Championships is the most recognizable competitive Minecraft circuit.

The Mustard Mummies and previous champions probably wouldn’t turn down a cash prize, but there are other incentives to come out on top. The Minecraft streaming and content communities are some of the most active in video games. Winning the MCC puts creators into a massive spotlight from which they can gain more popularity and influence. Sylvee, Tubbo, Subpoena, and Smajor now have a ton of clout and bragging rights in addition to their championship coin.


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