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Sykkuno says Twitch monetization changes are “scary”

By Olivia Richman


May 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch recently announced some impactful monetization changes that has many streamers on the platform feeling concerned. Top content creator Sykkuno is the latest to voice his frustration with the streaming platform.

A report by Bloomberg revealed that Twitch revenue would cap at 50% instead of the current 70%. There may be more ad breaks introduced as well. None of these changes are popular with streamers, even though Twitch added that they would also cut exclusivity deals to allow content creators to stream on multiple platforms.

Twitch’s top streamers have continuously voiced concern with the changes. The most recent streamer in the spotlight was Sykkuno, who called the changes “very bad.”

Sykkuno reacts to Twitch monetization changes

Sykkuno decided to share his thoughts on the changes, which were ostensibly created so that Twitch could make more money even if it means streamers making less. Since the changes favor Twitch, it’s no surprise that streamers are not fans of the news.

The first topic Sykkuno brought up was the new ads. More ads didn’t seem like a smart move, Sykkuno said, because there are already so many for viewers to deal with. While YouTube has the option to skip ads, Twitch users will have to watch “three minutes of ads nonstop back-to-back,” which Sykkuno felt was “too much.” To Sykkuno, it seemed like a way to force viewers into subscribing.

But Sykkuno felt there was an even bigger problem that was being overlooked. In the report, Twitch stated that there would no longer be exclusivity deals, meaning streamers were free to stream on other platforms. This sounds good at first, but Sykkuno explained that it will make big streamers lose a lot of money.

While Sykkuno doesn’t have an exclusivity deal himself, he said that big names such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys sign contracts with Twitch that include exclusivity. Streaming exclusively on their platform earns streamers a large amount of money. Taking away these deals means that big names will lose a “big chunk” of their income.

“It’s pretty much all bad,” Sykkuno concluded.

Will big streamers leave Twitch in 2022?

After the Twitch leaks revealed how much money top streamers earn, it’s safe to say that most of the streaming community doesn’t feel too concerned for their favorite content creators’ livelihoods. But it’s easy to see why streamers are not in favor of the changes.

No streamer has announced that they are leaving Twitch thus far, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see some big names turn to YouTube and Facebook Gaming to avoid the oppressive number of ads and to potentially sign more lucrative contracts elsewhere.

“I think everyone’s already seen a lot of the changes they plan on doing which is kind of scary, honestly,” Sykkuno said. “I think it’s going a little far.”